Don’t worry about the things you can’t change, focus on the things you can effect

We’re all guilty of it, worrying about something that might happen rather than enjoying what is happening. It’s a typical English trait I think, worry.

We do it all the time, at least I do. As the seconds wore down at Wembley I couldn’t enjoy being 1-0 up in the National Stadium, I worried we might concede a goal. When we signed Scott Wharton in January, who applauded the move? Not me, I was like most of the other fan;s berating our lack of signing a striker.

Danny likened that to kids at Christmas, eager to unwrap the next present before we’ve savoured the one we’ve just been given. Now, as we head off to Port Vale, it must be actively encouraged. Drop the Trophy win, package it back up and focus on the league.

Only we can’t can we, because there’s something else hanging over the fans. You know, the fans who have enjoyed unrivalled success over the last two years, winning more trophies in twelve months than in the previous thirty years. Yup, there’s always something hanging over us.

It’s the Danny and Nicky question, the one you dare not ask out loud because it seems stupid, the one you dare not contemplate because you’ll seem a fool. Nobody want’s to ask them if they’re going to Ipswich because they’re focused on the here and now. Nobody wants to imagine they’re going because it would ruin the exciting run in to the season.

It’s a bit like being out with your beautiful girlfriend but suspecting she’s going to break up with you. She wants it to end amicably and you’re out having a nice meal enjoying each other’s company. If you ask, it’ll ruin it all. In your mind the meal is all about making the break up easy, but what if you’re wrong? What if she wants to stay with you and your pestering convinces her to go? You don’t know whether to ask or not and suddenly you’re a bag of nerves, unsure as to what is happening. Now you’re off your food too.

I don’t want to be put of my food, or in this case the most thrilling end to a season since, um, last season. We’re right in the mix talking about play offs, automatic or whatever. There’s 1000 of us going to Port Vale, one in every 27 at Wembley. I’m not judging anyone, football is a tough game to follow every week and those who didn’t go to Wembley have a lot more brass in their pocket than those who did. I’m doing both, not because I’m a super fan, but because I’d feel an overwhelming sense of guilt if I was at one and not the other. That, and I want to see the team I love get promoted. In fact, the latter reason is probably more important than the guilt thing. Yeah, go with that.

Tonight I get to go to the Civic Awards ceremony where Danny and Nicky are bestowed with a massive honour. For most it might mean very little, but the award signifies outstanding contribution to Lincoln, be it through industry, sport or academia. There couldn’t be a more fitting pair to take the award, on behalf of the whole club, but as obvious figureheads. It’ll be incredible to be there to see it as one of the people who nominated them, but even I have begun to spoil it for myself thinking about the future. Is this a swan-song? Will it be my last meeting with them?

It’s all very silly, whilst studying my hypnosis diploma we were told that worry was the most pointless emotion there is. If you worry you’re either focusing on something that will never happen, or something that you can’t stop happening. One way or another, it is pointless. If you can’t change it yourself, why expend time and energy being concerned? If it isn’t going to happen anyway, you’re even more of a clown. Either way, those who worry do themselves nor anyone else no favours.

Right now, Danny and Nicky Cowley are at Lincoln City, we’re at the peak of our recent achievements and could surpass them all with another promotion. Lincoln City have only been third-tier once in my life time and yet next season, we could be rubbing shoulders with Sunderland, Bradford, Barnsley and Charlton as equals.

Don’t focus on the things you can’t affect, only worry about the things you can chance. On Saturday at Vale Park, sing loud and sing proud. If Ipswich have approached the club and if Danny and Nicky are in the frame, the only way we’re going to convince them this is the place is by doing what we’ve done all along, supporting our club in our own unique and passionate manner.

We’ve got a great squad, the majority of which are contracted for next season. Why on earth are we worrying about something that has either already been decided, or won’t happen at all? Live for the moment. Live for Port Vale, Wycombe and Coventry. Live for shaking Danny’s hand like a star-struck teenager, in awe of a man whom, along with his brother, will forever be a part of the club’s rich history and now the city’s too. Live for being reigning Checkatrade champions, for the hope of a play off final and for being infinitely better than Grimsby Town. Live for being in a position to compete with Scunthorpe next season for the title ‘Pride of Lincolnshire’, knowing that the pride part defines and describes how I feel right now about my club. Live for being proud of your football club.

Live for Lincoln City.



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  1. Thank you Gary. After reading your writings I feel less stressed about the CowleyIpswichgate thing. In spite of a mega tough run in we are masters of our own fate. I intend to enjoy every minute….win lose or draw. Savour the good times. Live for Lincoln City indeed.
    Clever extended metaphor by the way!

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