Clive Nates confirms contract talks with Danny and Nicky

Clive Nates mentioned the possibility of Danny and Nicky signing a new deal within a couple of weeks, as the fear of a move to Ipswich subsides further.

Speaking on Rob Makepeace’s Friday Football, Clive confirmed that talks are ongoing and that “a lot of things keep me up at night, but keeping Danny and Nicky isn’t one of those.” Whilst referring to a new deal, he said there should be “good news for fans in the coming weeks”.

The latest development does mean fans can breathe a sigh of relief after intense speculation that Ipswich Town might turn their heads. There’s little doubt they were the Tractor Boys’ number one targets, but it seems as though the dynamic duo will be remaining at the club a little longer.

It was little over a year ago they last got a new deal, one to run to 2021 which, at the time, Bob Dorrian sounded delighted with: “I am absolutely delighted that we have secured the management team of Danny and Nicky Cowley for a further three years,” said chairman Bob Dorrian. We believe that this is a great day for the club in terms of continuity and echoes the ambitions that Danny and Nicky also have for Lincoln City FC.”

The big question is this: if Ipswich have been rebuffed and if the Cowley’s are going to sign a new deal, how far dare we dream our club can go? I think there’s many of us convinced that it will take one more season at most to get third-tier status, the highest we’ve competed at since the early 1960’s, but what price on a Championship spot?

I’d say it’s early days, but is it? 22 months into their tenure and they’ve won as many trophies as any other Imps manager in history, they’ve guided us further than we’ve ever been in the FA Cup and taken us to a first ever Wembley final. All things considered, and I know this is a bold statement, but there could be a strong case for them being described as the greatest Lincoln City managers of all time, already.

I know what Bill Anderson achieved, he put us in the second tier for a prolonged spell, but the FA Cup quarter finals eluded us and we started in round three. Colin Murphy brought us back from the Conference as well as established us at the top of Division Three, but he didn’t win as many trophies. Keith won nothing but the rise from administration under him has to be comparable to our most recent rise.

Danny and Nicky have taken elements of all those great men and mixed it up to find their own formula, if they sign a new deal, where next? League One? Win in the play-offs? Stick around in League Two for a season and win an unprecedented third trophy?

Long term, why can’t a new stadium lead us to becoming the next Bournemouth or Swansea City? It is ambitious, but it is a vision built on something solid, not on sand or smoke and mirrors. There’s no Goal 2010 about this, building a training ground on clay and leaving the playing squad to rot.

I’m on a high right now, I always envisaged the only clubs we might lose them to would be Ipswich or West Ham. Tonight’s news has given me a new wave of optimism, something I’d had ingrained in me for 22 months until Mick walked the other night. They say you don’t know what it has got until it’s gone, well that is balderdash.

We know what we’ve got, we’ve got a football club that is in tune from the men at the top to the fans in the street, from keeper to centre forward, manager to physio, media manager to programme seller. It is a hell of a journey we’ve been on, but if we secure Danny and Nicky on a tighter contract, then we’ve only just set off.

Fill up the hip flask, Port Vale here I come!


  1. I’m not old enough to remember Bill Anderson, but I’ve read a lot. I am old enough to remember Taylor, Murphy & Alexander. Given the state of the club they inherited and how quickly it has been transformed I believe they are the best we’ve ever had. There might be a plateau in progress at some point but if these two stick around, who knows where this journey will end?

  2. This is excellent news for Lincoln City, personally I didn’t think they would go, they and there famalies do appear to be here for the duration no matter how long it takes.
    The Cowleys staying I am sure will now attract the right players signing for the club. They are clearly passionate but also very knowledgeable about the game. They do there homework(where have they learnt that ) on the opposition and play to the Imps strength.
    I like alot of supporters are enjoying the success and the journey, long may it continue UTI

  3. I do remember the bill Anderson days some were good days some were not but the fans came and did there best as well, today is floating on a big cloud, looking down on sincil bank as though in a dream. even after todays match and dropping out of the play off positions and the results all going against the imps. city have come so far in such a short space of time you just pinch yourself. the cowley brothers have brought so much more to the team and the city, long may it continue.

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