SW Quiz #198 – A drubbing at Layer Road

I know, the title didn’t entice you to the quiz, did it? Then you got curious, it might just be the eleven players you need and surely that wouldn’t be too tough? After the impossible one last week this could give you an ego boost.

Well, it might. We’re going back to 30th November, 1996. Yours truly has been 18 for just eleven days, Britpop was in ful swing and we felt untouchable. By ‘we’ I meant the little group of lads I hung around with in Wragby, not Lincoln fans. No, ‘we’ Lincoln fans felt terrible that night, because we found ourselves getting stuffed 7-1 at Colchester.

When John Beck’s sides were good, they were alright. When they were bad, they were atrocious and we were atrocious that afternoon. 3-0 down at half time, 4-0 on the hour mark and 7 (seven) as the vide-printer rattled it out at full time. At one stage we pulled it back to 4-1, a bit like throwing a jug of water on a bonfire.

So, can you name the eleven players and three unnamed subs we had that day? There’s a couple of clues to help you.