The Stacey West XI – three nominations that I guarantee you won’t win

We’ve been having some fun on here recently with the Stacey West XI, an irreverent look at some of the best players our readers have seen play for Lincoln.

It’s caused a few discussions and debates, not least from older fans disgusted that so many newer players have been nominated. We’ve seen Phil Neale and Trevor Peake break that trend by popping up in the back four, alongside Northern Ireland international Gareth McAuley and 2018’s very own Neal Eardley.

In goal there was some discussion too, with Alan Marriott the (worthy) winner, but criticised by older fans who felt Felgate or Grotier should have been included..

In with the nominations have been the usual wags with their joke suggestions. Doubtless we had Elliott Parrish, the butter-fingered youngster who couldn’t save a coupon from a newspaper for a free eye test. At the back Richard Hinds got a vote, a nine-game wonder who wasn’t bad, but wasn’t a legend. Someone even nominated Patrick Kanyucka. If you don’t know who that is, I suggest you keep it that way.

The nominations for the central midfield paring are now underway and, as expected, one or two of the suggested names are not entirely in line with the quality of the others. We’ve got the Butchers and Booths, the Bressingtons and Cockerills, but we’ve also got a collection of names who are as likely to win it as you or I, their only advantage being they were once named in Lincoln City’s midfield. I say ‘named’ but not ‘played’ very purposefully.

Over the next three pages are a selection of Lincoln City players who have been nominated but will not be included on the list for the greatest you’ve ever seen play. I’ll let you figure out why yourself.

(The top picture is Ali Fuseini. He wasn’t nominated., but it felt fitting to have such an awful player as the lead picture.)


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