Stacey West XI – Midfielders Result

It’s been a bit of a wait hasn’t it? I think there’s good reason, but finally we can reveal who makes the central midfield pairing of our Stacey West XI.

The voting certainly showed that the age spread isn’t quite as tight as you’d think. The ultimate winning pair come from two very different generations, as do the runners up.

Now, before we go on, I have been made aware that pre-1980 players are getting a rough deal, fewer of my readers have watched those players in action. That is why I’ve decided to start running increased amounts of history articles, penned by a variety of writers but starting with Malcolm Johnson who has written about two of his favourite players from the 1960s.

Like me, Malcolm believe strongly that all Imps should be remembered, one way or another. Imagine in fifty years time a new Lincoln supporter scrunching up his face and asking ‘who?’ when hearing Neal Eardley’s name mentioned.

Anyway, shall we crack on with the latest line ups? Remember, we’re voting for a Stacey West XI, and the reserve XI. Without further ado, lets crack on with the two who just missed out on both squads.

Just missing out is a midfield pairing that would certainly be competitive, and one that maybe does reflect the age of the votes. The fifth and sixth best midfielders out readers have seen in Lincoln City shirts are: Alex Woodyard (84 votes) and Richard Butcher (64 votes). Between them they account for 20% of the overall votes, no mean feat at all.

Neither players needs introducing, nor dissecting here. We see Alex’s talents every week without fail and as for Butch, his sad passing only served to underline his legendary status at Lincoln City. We’re in the play-offs now and both midfielders played similar roles within their respective sides, Butch in 2003 and Alex now. They’re not identical, Butch was more likely to pop up with a goal and get into the box late, Alex’s talents might not have suited Keith’s 5-2-3 formation quite as well. Both are great players though.



  1. This result means we shall have to play George Shipley on the right wing, with Dave Smith on the left.

  2. Sigh
    Gainey like Cantona etc.

    Shame you never saw Dave Smith, Gain was great – but Smith when GT made him the play-maker was something else.

    Sorry Sir Gareth, but I agree with Malcolm Johnson – Shipley will have to go right to accommodate Smithy on the left, shirt out, socks down, drifting past another bemused full back with a twirl of his Zapata moustache.And he was even better pulling strings in the centre!

    We’re defined by our ages, aren’t we? You youngsters…..

    • Totally agree, Dave Smith must get in as well as Alan Harding a brilliant passer with great ball control. Together with Dave Smith a devastating duo on the left

  3. Of course if we had Cockerill up front we wouldn’t have these selection problems.

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