The Stacey West XI – Winger nominations

Alan Marriott, Neal Eardley, Phil Neale, Gareth McAuley, Trevor Peake, Glenn Cockerill and Peter Gain. Those are the seven players currently in our own ‘Hall of Fame’, the Stacey West XI.

Now, as I’ve gone 4-4-2, we’re going to need a couple of wide players. I’m not too hung up on left or right, after all wingers switch flanks often and an ability to cut inside or out is a deadly weapon.

We’re going to do this is the usual way, I collected the nominations, give you a bio on each of them and then you get the final vote. However, I’ve previously taken the nominations on Twitter, this time you can do it here too.

Because of the numerous Facebook outlets I can’t accept nominations there, but if you don’t do Twitter, you can comment the player you’d like to nominate below on this article. All eras are considered but please remember the voting is very much related to the age of the reader. Very few have talked about Roger Holmes as being in the side but, if this vote were thirty years ago, he would surely have walked in.

We’ve already had some names put forward and I can tell this is going to be one of the hardest fought ballots of them all. George Shipley? Gareth Ainsworth? Dave Smith? Oh dear, we can’t play all three can we?

Even the reserve squad will be tightly contested too, with David Puttnam appearing in a few nominations already as well. The ever-tricky Dany N’Guessan thrilled fans when he could be bothered, would he get your vote?

Who will you go for? You have until Saturday to nominate before we go to a vote.





  1. Roger a definite shoe in although only playing for short time Neville Bannister one of true super fast wingers would loved to see him at the Powderhall sprints.

  2. I think we all know Ainsworth is likely. Putnam was great. I alway like David Gilbert as well (could often hear the crowd around me say “bring Didy on”!)

  3. As he’s not in midfield, got to SHOO Dave Smith in on the left wing. As we’re supposed to be selecting best player for an individual position rather than a best team I can’t really justify naming George Shipley for the right wing. So I’ll go with what will probably be the majority and say Gareth Ainsworth ahead of Dick Krzywicki, Gordon Hobson when he first started out and Gordon Hughes.

  4. Dave Smith (in his second best positions) or there will be a riot.
    Alan Harding
    George Shipley
    Dick Kryzwicki
    Gordon Hobson was a blimmin good winger before he became an even better striker, we’ll park Hobbo for that role
    Then, and he was good, and I loved him to bits as the beacon of light in the time of the charlatan, we come to Sir Gareth.

    So – nominations for the 2 wings – pick 2 from Smith, Harding, Shipley.

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