Peterborough meet Woodyard’s release clause

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Not them. Anyone but them. Please, for the love of god, anyone but them.

Nope, sadly not. Steve Evans and Peterborough United have met the release clause in Alex Woodyard’s contract and the lad, wanting League One football is heading there to talk terms. I wouldn’t imagine it will take too long, They’re a top half League One club and I would predict plenty of charm oozing from the manager.

I will give my honest opinion now, this is the absolute worst move Woodyard could make, bar none. Any other League One club I could live with, but the Peterborough model will not work with Alex, nor will the manager’s tough love stance with his players.

Let’s deal firstly with Posh. I’ve nothing against them per se, but they are something of a ruthless talent factory and you have to impress to keep in favour. Look at Ricky Miller and Joe Ward for instance, both good players signed from lower divisions who have been cast aside when they didn’t make the grade. Got one year left on your deal? Transfer list it is. Some people might call that astute, but it does show that players are commodities at London Road. Is that the culture Alex has been grown in? No, under Danny and Nicky players are individuals with needs and are managed as such.

On to the manager, last week I wrote what I thought was the final chapter in our long running feud only I know about. Apparently not. Something at the back of my mind told me he’d want to get one over the Cowley’, missing out on Freck and the whole Bostwick deal. I’m not even sure he wants Alex for any other reason than to polish and put on his mantelpiece as a reminder that he got one over on the up and coming managers.

Alex Woodyard is a good footballer who must be played in the right position and appreciated for what he does. I can’t see him being given more than a handful of games under the ruthless management of Evans before he’s warming the bench, whether he plays well or not. Look at Lee Angol, scored a few goals but never got a real chance under Evans. Look at Jacob Mellis, a hard-working and cultured midfielder who again, barely got a kick.

My hope for Alex is that this announcement prompts a glut of other clubs to meet his modest release clause and give him options. You know what? Luton would be better, Nathan Jones is another up and coming manager with people skills who builds teams for the future, not for the bank balance.

I wrote earlier how I felt his departure would affect the club, maybe this morning’s news will help your understand why I sat up at 1am writing a blog.

Alex Woodyard to Peterborough. It had to be them, didn’t it? It had to be Evans. That’s football for you, both a tender and loving mistress but also a cruel and wicked one too.


  1. I don’t have as much of an issue with this to be honest. I’m not the biggest Evans fan in the world but Peterborough have helped us tremendously recently. The season before last they helped with loaning us players and obviously allowing bossie to come here along with Anderson at the start of last season was something of a coup. I think woodyard will be there longer than mr Evans. Good luck to him and we move on.

  2. It’s a league above. It’s a club looking for a promotion. It’s more local to where he is from. If he plays well enough he won’t get dropped. So I agree with coxyboy42. Apart from it being Evans it seems a good move for Alex to me.

  3. We shall certainly see how good he was if he is not replaced well,or not at all.The only other midfielder of his ilk was Dennis Booth who didnt score many but performed the same role as Alex.
    I wouldnt want to play for Mr Evans.

  4. I understand why Gary is taking this line but for some reason I feel more optimistic for Alex. I assume he will have received a lot of advice from Danny and Nicky and will be well aware of the reputation of Steve Evans. I also believe he is cut above Lee Angol in terms of ability in his position. Only time will tell. I know the vast majority of Lincoln fans will want to thank him for his tremendous contribution and wish him every ounce of luck in this next step in his career.

  5. I must admit its a surprise to me if he leaves the Cowleys. He has been magical for this club and though only two seasons will be remembered for many years as a nice man who served us well and could play a bit. 225K can buy us two top class players if not three. Sad to see him go but this is very good financial sense moving forward.

  6. …. have to agree with coxyboy, Alex will be at Peterboro longer than Mr Evans. Good luck Alex on your next adventure – maybe we’ll meet again next season or in the cup this season. Imps 4ever

  7. £225,000 for Alex in my opinion is good business for a player who has tremendous strength and ball winning ability. However our team although effective in stifling the opposition needs greater creativity. It still had the look of a National League side… Better technical players are required if we are serious about challenging for a top 3 place. A number of players have found their ceiling… Alex has been great for us in getting us to where we are but it’s time for him to leave the Cowley nest and in doing so will enable us to develop a more cohesive and creative midfield.

  8. Yes anywhere but for Evans but maybe he is priming Alex For his Chinese team.
    Seriously sorry to see him go he has been great for us in his role BUT maybe D and N see us playing a slightly different way this season . Yes I would like a little more creativity and threat from the edge of the box, but I am sure they already have irons in fires . Do think he will be there longer than Evans and I just hope we have inserted a sell on clause because I think he will continue up to the Championship .
    Just wonder if there was an informal agreement when we got Bozzie and Harry .
    At least we can now inflate the price on those deals much like Mr Evans did , but then again everything about that man is inflated his body , his ego etc

  9. 1234
    Wow wow we’ve not got Alex Woodyard
    Wow wow he never passed it 40 yards
    Wow wow he often gave the ball away

  10. If there’s not a suitable permanent replacement available the the Cowley’s should approach Ipswich and ask about a possible loan for Flynn Downes. Not a physical powerhouse, but he breaks up play and distributes the ball quickly putting the team on the front foot.

    Clearly Ipswich were keen to give him league football experience second half of last season with Luton so unless he’s about to step in to a permanent first team spot at Ipswich he would certainly not make Lincoln’s midfield any weaker.

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