Stacey West World Cup Prediction League

Plenty of you asked for it, so over the past couple of days I’ve been compiling the group games, testing everything out and I can now unveil the Stacey West World Cup 2018 Prediction League.

At present, there is no prize, it is just for fun, but you can now predict each and every one of the World Cup group games. If you don’t believe me, click here. See?

If you registered for our League Two prediction league then you’ll be automatically entered for this already and should just start playing. If you register as a new player you’ll need to join the World Cup league. If you have any problems email me but only before 8pm tonight – after that I shall be away for a whole week.

If you want to play, do please consider making a donation below. It will be split evenly between the winner and the Fans Player Scheme. I’ll update the amount in the pot before the tournament starts, but currently there’s £25 in there. That’s £12.50 to the winner, the same to the FPS.

Please be aware, you can only win the prize if you’ve donated, so the prize fund will go to the HIGHEST PLACED player that also donated.

Do you want to play? Register now. These are the first round of matches, to predict, click here.

[fp-next-matches matchtype=”9″ date=”now” num=”5″]


  1. Three points for an exact score (eg you predict England 3-0 Panama, it finishes England 3-0 Panama)
  2. One points for a correct outcome (eg you predict England 3-0 Panama, it finishes England 6-1 Panama)
  3. You can predict up to half an hour before the game kicks off
  4. I will update at the end of every day from June 17th, until then I cannot guarantee an update
  5. That’s it. No bonuses, no hidden points, nothing. Three for an exact result, one for the right outcome, nothing for anything else. Just like real football.
  6. The judges decision is final.
  7. I shall play but, should a prize become available, I will not be eligible to win it.

Make a donation to the FPS / prize fund here

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