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Ricky Miller

Let’s jump straight in shall we? The controversial striker is currently getting his day in court, confessing to an alcohol problem and a desire to play first team football. Last week he was tweeting about Lincoln City in relation to a move, so many think he’s City bound. Barry Fry stated this week a fee has been agreed with a League Two club and that a move will be completed once the court case is over. Is it Lincoln City?

I think probably not, no. Danny did state he wasn’t looking to pay a fee for a player and I would imagine his centre forwards will be a mixture of season-long loan and perhaps one signing. Ricky Miller might mean goals if you get him right, but what will that take? Will he tun up at a club and just be sorted? Or would it take time, time that would be better spent getting good players focused on a title challenge?

My gut feeling is Miller will end up at Port Vale, a side he’s been linked heavily with already.

Idris Kanu

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Kanu is much like Miller in that he was a National League star that Peterborough brought in with a hope he’d turn good. That’s their model remember, sweep up a load of talent and hope some works. If someone fails, get rid. Kanu is available on a season long loan and the talk is one has been agreed with a League Two club.

This is one rumour I feel there might be some legs in. Kanu is the sort of player I could see Danny go for, he’s seen him first hand in the National League and I suspect believes there’s more to come from him under the right management. The noises being made by Fry suggested that any move for Kanu was set to be announced when the club’s manager returned from holiday, well Danny’s back now but I hear nothing. I wouldn’t be at all surprised though if we see him at the Bank next season.

Tom Hopper

It’s all gone quiet on the Hopper front hasn’t it? I wouldn’t let that fool you. I haven’t seen him sign for anyone else either and last season Danny unveiled a few players on the same day.

The chatter suggests Hopper might be interesting a League One side, but then again so was Harry Toffolo. I was actually surprised we announced Toffolo when we did, I wondered if Danny might wait until the first day of training and release a glut of new faces then. It suggests to me that maybe, just maybe he wanted to get some good news out there to add strength to his chances of bringing in new players. If League One quality footballers see others like them dropping into our division to play for the Imps, they’re more likely to sign for us, are they not?

I still have a good feeling about Hopper. I think there’s a quality footballer in there and someone who would make a great partner for Matt Green. I’d still hope for another striker, if Palmer and Rhead stay. That would give us five, possibly four of our own and a loan player too. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hopper announced soon.

Lyle Taylor

Wishful thinking I’m afraid. I’m almost convinced that Taylor won’t be coming our way, if he did it would send shockwaves across League One and Two, more so than Bostwick and Frecklington put together. Lyle Taylor is, I’m told, in huge demand and I can’t see us matching bigger clubs in terms of wages. Maybe we might compete in terms of ambition, but is that enough for a player to drop down a division when there are offers on the table in League One and maybe the Championship? I can’t see it.

Michael O’Connor

I think I made it clear in this blog that I felt this was a viable move and I’ve heard nothing to change my mind since. A Notts County contact of mine believes he’s turned down two deals at Meadow Lane and a move to Sincil Bank is all but done and dusted. I’ll be happier when I see it, but again this wouldn’t be a bad move for City.

It may not be a 22-year old with a big future and it would leave us with a 30 something midfield but that isn’t a bad thing. O’Connor was great for us first time around and only his injury record last season suggests there’s anything different to when he was here before. He’s experienced, he buzzes around the middle of the park in a similar way to alex, maybe not quite as industrious but perhaps with a little more intelligence. Alex Woodyard is a big player to try to replace and O’Connor would be an adequate replacement.

Anthony Grant

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Grant is yet another Posh player on the list, but he’s being strongly linked with a City move in some quarters. He’s another 30-something midfielder, another possible replacement for Woodyard but crucially, he’d cost a fee.

I’m a little more suspicious about this link. O’Connor I can see, but Grant has suitors in League One and at 31-years old he’ll surely be looking for one last pay day. He’s had a great career, most notably at Southend and there’s no doubt he would be a fine addition to the squad, but I can’t see it in the same light as I can O’Connor. The fact is we’d sign one or the other, we wouldn’t bring both in and that leads me to feel maybe Grant isn’t coming to the Bank. I’ve seen Blackpool linked and a couple of others and my gut feeling is he remains in League One.

Jordan Bowery

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We’ve been linked with Jordan Bowery too, son of former Imps striker Bert. His Dad joined on loan in 1976 as we won the Fourth Division, so there’s a nice story there if his son could come and do the same.

However, the stumbling block would surely be the fee Crewe would be due. I can’t see us paying a fee, no matter what we got from the Woodyard deal. There’s no doubt Bowery would be a decent addition, he’s quick and tore us to shreds in March, but would we splash out to buy him?

He would be an investment too, if his recent promise continues to develop then he could be in line to climb the leagues, but are we testing a Peterborough model of investing in potential gems, or are we simply building a side capable of winning the league? If it is the former maybe, just maybe we might speculate, if it is the latter then I suspect Danny will be looking at free agents instead.

Right, that’s it. I’m off to the Ship Inn on Lindisfarne for a drink now. Hopefully I’ve covered a few bases tonight, keep an eye out for the latest quiz and ‘looking back’ tomorrow.


  1. Thank you, Gary, That’s a great update. Given the ages of Boz and Frecks, don’t we need someone younger in the engine room? Also, how many games will Frecks play?
    Just saying….

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