Non league starlet joins Bury – were City in the hunt?

I’ve waited a bit too long for this article, I intended to do it yesterday after first seeing the HITC report. Instead, Bury signed the player before I could comment on the report.

My initial article was going to be a simple ‘Imps linked with’ piece, but before I committed to writing anything Bury snapped him up! The player in question is Gold Omoyato, a Swiss striker who joined the Shakers from Whitehawk yesterday. A report on Friday stated we had been in the chase for him, as had Stevenage.

Before I go on, I want to clarify that HITC is what I consider a reputable source. We’ll use their news at FLW which means they’re reputable and usually fairly accurate. Pete O’Rourke writes much of their stuff, he a respected journalist with a good reputation. This report didn’t come from an Ex Agent or a messageboard, it came from someone the football world usually listens to, a man willing to put his name to his stories.

So, who is Gold Omoyato? He’s a 24-year old Swiss striker who joined Whitehawk earlier in the year. He’s eager to prove he has what it takes to make it in England, secured his release from Swiss fourth-tier side Wettswil-Bonstetten when Hawks offered him the contract.

16 games and 11 goals later, Ryan Lowe has taken a punt on him following a short trial. Pete O’Rourke’s report claimed that he had been interesting both us and Stevenage, but Bury beat us to it.

Whether that is the whole story or not remains to be seen, I would be surprised if Danny wasn’t aware of who he is, given he plied his trade in the National league South which I’m sure is still watched closely for talent. There might have even been an invite for a trial, given how many we have in at the minute, but if we were interested and DC had turned on the charm, I think we’d have seen Gold in red and white over this past week.

There’s comparisons here to a couple of players, firstly I can’t help but refer to Mo Eisa. Omoyato has played in the southern non league scene, scored goals and secured his Football League contract. Mo Eisa scored more goals over a longer period at a lower level, but the comparison is still there. If Omoyato is worth £1m in a year’s time maybe I’ll revisit this article.

It does make me think of Lee Shaw again and makes me wonder what is the best approach. Have Bury taken Omoyato because they think he’s as good as, or better than what they already have? Or have they taken him because there’s a chance he could improve and they’ve afforded a squad space to chance? Did Mo Eisa join Cheltenham and improve their squad last season?

Bear in mind on July 7th 2017 Gary Johnson of Cheltenham said of Eisa; “He probably isn’t one to go straight into the first team unless he has an outstanding pre-season but he will be close to it and Mo will learn his trade knowing that his Football League debut might not be too far off.” He took a gamble and right now he has a 20-goal a season striker attracting bids of £1m, all for signing a non league player who showed promise and taking a risk. Gary Johnson was brave.

Omoyato might be another Maheta Molango though, a Swiss player Keith Alexander took a punt on a few seasons ago now. He came on loan from Brighton, a side that have leant us a couple of turkeys now, but he only scored once before disappearing.

Which will Omoyato be? Only time will tell.