SW XI – the Strikers

Someone reminded me I hadn’t concluded the Striker’s World Cup yet! Oops, all that faffing about and there’s no pairing yet!

Well, here it is. Your winning partnership up front for the SW XI.

The voting for the final four ended as follows:

Simon Yeo, Twitter vote: 137 Website vote: 80 TOTAL 217

Andy Graver Twitter vote: 84 Website vote: 134 TOTAL 218

Gordon Hobson, Twitter vote: 41 Website vote: 182 TOTAL 223

John Ward, Twitter vote: 22 Website vote: 131 TOTAL 131

So, the pairing for the Stacey West XI is:

Gordon Hobson and Andy Graver

The other two go into our reserve team, the final XI will play part of a feature in the new fanzine, out soon.

Thank you all for playing along, we’ll be doing a Worst XI soon!