The Trust Board Representative Vote

This is only going to be a short post which is pretty much addressed to those with a passing interest in the Red Imps Community Trust. 

I joined the Trust last year, mainly as a vote of confidence to the men and women working hard to build the reputation that had been shattered in the preceding years. I won’t dress it up any other way, for one reason or another everything got very messy and people lost their belief in the Trust.

Back when it started it was an integral part of helping to save the club and whilst I won’t go into the politics on here, things changed over a number of years. From once being heralded as they way forward, it became a figure of derision and anger.

In recent years things have turned around and I feel today it deserves a second chance. I spoke out at the time I joined about why I felt it still had a role to play and why I had chosen to join for the first time. I stand by those comments.

I commented on an event I’d been to, finishing the article by saying the night “felt more inclusive, it felt as though perhaps, just perhaps, people were willing to give the Trust another chance. I certainly hope so because for the first time in many years, I believe they deserve the support.”

This week I got my forms to vote for the latest Trust member to take their place on the club board, with just two choices, James Lammin and Peter Doyle. Before I go on, I know Peter well, he’s advertised with me in A City United and we speak from time to time. I don’t want this to be a rallying cry for a person I know though, but I wanted to address an issue that bugs me a little.

James Lammin, who I know to be a great guy and another of the positive influences behind the current Trust, has previously sat on the club board for two years. I believe that fundamentally, a two-year spell should be the maximum anyone can sit on the board, in order to protect the fairness and integrity that the RICT promotes so heavily. This may be a little hypocritical on my part as I known Peter and to a degree I’m using my ‘influence’ to suggest people should vote for him, but even if I didn’t know him I’d be keen to ensure that as many fans as possible got the chance to represent the Supporters Trust at club level.

John Reames left us a very special gift when he handed his shares to a Supporter’s Trust and some custodians of that gift wasted it away in corporate facilities, drinking wine and travelling on the team coach. Some got comfortable with their position, happy to become almost malignant rather than a force for good. I stress that I’m not referring to anyone connected with the Trust today, but surely to ensure things are fresh, new ideas are delivered and the Trust is truly representative of as many people as possible, a new person should sit on the board each term?

Maybe it is just me, but in two year’s time even if Peter and I are still in touch in any way, I would get behind someone different standing against him, James Lammin maybe or another person wanting their ‘turn’. After all, the inclusive and open RICT, the one evolving and hopefully regenerating, must remain something people can believe in. Only by constant change can that truly happen.