Three stars for the Stacey West – absolute shame for Forest Green Rovers

I hadn’t planned another article today, fresh from working on all sorts I had limited my output, but there’s too many gifts that keep on giving for me to sit around on my hands.

Today, Forest Green Rovers of League Two released a shirt with three stars on it, two of which are greyed out. The one that isn’t is for their promotion to the Football League, the other two are to be yellowed once they achieve promotion to the Championship.

There was a time when a star signalled a World Cup win or a similarly impressive feat. Last season Yeovil sullied it somewhat with three stars above their badge, one for each complete set of five seasons they’ve been a Football League club. Now Dale Vince has decided that it might be appropriate to give his club a star for beating woeful Tranmere side in the play-offs after failing to win the National League despite losing more money than every other club spent in a single season.


In homage to this absolutely absurd idea, the Stacey West has introduced a three star ensemble to our header. Two are greyed out, the other is golden and glowing. The one that is alive and well is to commemorate winning the National League the proper way, with an average budget and beating other teams to finish first, top, champions, whatever you like to call it. The other two are for the real fans of Forest Green. The one on the left will be coloured in the day Cooperman gets the sack, which will hopefully be soon.

The one on the right is for the day Dale Vince finally stops playing god with a football club and leaves Rovers to the people who followed them before they came a circus and a sideshow, despised almost as much as MK Dons. That’s saying something too, when your club is mentioned in the same breath as a team that literally stole their place in the Football League. In fact, if it was FGR that MK Dons kept in the non-league scene then I’d actively encourage other clubs to franchise out.

Never forget (courtesy Graham Burrell)

I don’t dislike Forest Green per se, certainly not the team that played in black and white stripes, certainly not the FA Vase finalists of 1982. I have no reason to. What I object to with every single fibre of my being is the god-awful spectacle being manipulated by the eco-warrior, the complete contradiction that’s peddled as some sort of pioneering organisation which in fact is an utter shambles.

They’re carbon neutral, they love the earth, they’re vegan, whatever. That isn’t for everyone but I won’t have a go, each to their own. What I utterly despise is this vision of an eco football club when in fact they’re absolutely the other way. This new stadium they want, the one near the M5 nowhere near Nailsworth, almost amounts to franchising just as MK Dons did. That might be extreme, but he’s taking the club out of the village.

There’s no train lines nearby either, so you’ll have to drive there. How eco-friendly.

What about the £2m losses sustained year on year in achieving their lower half finish last season? That has been funded almost exclusively from the profits made from green energy, something that should be as affordable as possible but is instead on the rise if you buy from Ecotricity. It is decadent, overhauling squads, paying more than everyone else and repeating every transfer window as the belligerent manager falls out with player after player.

It disgusts me, the whole shambolic episode is anti-football and yet seems to be some sort of story people think is worth telling. The little boys battling against all the odds, but lets ignore the huge budget and arrogance shall we? They’re a village team with a Westminster budget and a rock-star ego.

It sickens me, it sickens some real FGR fans (see below) and the sooner the spectacle ends the better. The fear is whilst I may get to colour in one of my stars by early November, the other will remain very much a grey spot for a long while to come.

Here are some views from twitter from FGR fans and of course, fans of proper football not tainted by some mad hippy’s decadent and delirious actions.




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  1. Genuine question – at what point does financial fair play come into things? The overspending at this level is ridiculous.

    As for the shirt, I think I’ve just about finished pissing myself laughing. Great idea for the banner too!

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