A big welcome to the local boy done good (elsewhere)

City have today secured the services of Nottingham Forest youngster Adam Crookes after he impressed during an extensive trial period with the club.

There’s plenty of stuff you can read on social media so I won’t go over old ground, sadly I missed the press release ten minutes before the news broke so I wasn’t able to bring you the usual ‘cutting edge’ report. To be fair I was watering the garden, but then I seem to be doing that perpetually.

Anyway, the unique thing about Adam Crookes, aside from his versatility, high level of performance in pre-season and ability to impress Danny (when did he last sign a trialist?), is that he comes from Lincoln. He played for St Helens and Navenby before being snapped up by Forest. He joined the Reds as a schoolboy which by my reckoning must have been around eight to ten years ago, so sometime between 2008 and 2010.

This is important because in my opinion, that is reflective of the club’s reputation at the time. It would have been around the end of Keith’s time and entering into the darker days. Let us be honest, some of us didn’t even like the club very much back then, so why would a local youngster impressing on the parks of Lincoln?

Where do you think Adam Crookes would go right now, where will the 10-13 year old who is impressing on the cow paddles and community areas go this very minute? Forest? Maybe, they’re a big club, but I would wager there’s a strong chance they’d come to Lincoln.

Within our own city, the club hasn’t always had the reputation amongst parents, floating fans and the like. Now it has

I’m not saying Crookes is the one who got away, the club has developed and that is no detriment to the excellent individual who worked with the youth team back then. After all, we did get Hobbs, Pembleton, King and a handful of other decent players, so this isn’t a slur. What I am saying is within our own city, the club hasn’t always had the reputation amongst parents, floating fans and the like. Now it has.

Anyway, welcome Adam, it is great to see a local lad joining up and almost fulfils that blog I wrote about Lee Shaw, he’s someone to get behind as ‘one of our own’, even though technically he’s not. He did play football with some members of the 617 though and he knows his Birchwoods from his Ermines, so as far as I’m concerned he’s one of us.

There’s other stuff to like of course, he’s played some competitive football at Guiseley and has shown he’s able to adapt to his surroundings. His flexibility offers us cover in a variety of positions and, if pre-season is anything to go by, he’ll be knocking on the door of the first team from the get-go. Remember, last season it was the player arriving just before the big kick off who ended up as Player of the Season. If Crookes offers half as much as Neal Eardley did, he’ll be a firm favourite in double quick time.

Have we ever been quite so laden with talent and yet so short on actual numbers? I’d be tempted to say no. This squad is beginning to look very, very impressive. One more, maybe two and I think we’re done. Don’t expect anything on deadline day because I think Danny has been bitten twice and he’ll leave nothing to chance.