The Cowley Method Comic

As some of you are already aware, you can now lay your hands on a superb limited edition copy of CJW’s excellent comic, The Cowley Method.

Those of you who subscribed to A City United will have already received your copy as part of your subscription, but we will be putting it on general sale too. Thank you to those who supported A City United and rest assured, your copy of the new fanzine is also guaranteed before anyone else.

The comic has every single one of the wonderfully observed cartoons in it and will become an invaluable piece of unique memorabilia for many years to come. We’ve had a limited number printed too, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled when we put it on general sale.

There will be two ways to buy. It will be on sale against Swindon Town from the usual ACU sale points, so in exchange for your cold hard cash we’ll provide you with a pristine copy of the 16-page comic for your own amusement.

After that we will released the rest on general sale via this site, although there will be a price hike to cover postage.

If you manage to buy on the day it will be £2, whereas if you order afterwards, as long as there’s copies left, it will be £4.50 including postage.

There is no other way to get your hands on this wonderful item!!

CJW and the Stacey West remain committed to bringing you his work though and when we released our new fanzine, hopefully against Notts County, you’ll find the latest scribblings featuring even more Imps characters being made famous via the coloured pencils of our number one cartoonist.


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