‘Woeful lack of quality’, ‘Missing three one on ones is pathetic’ – An opposition view of yesterday’s game

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

City opened their League Two campaign with a fortuitous win against Northampton Town yesterday, having rode their luck against a decent Northampton side.

The opening day is always unpredictable, especially for a side recently relegated from the division above. The Cobblers were the better side, but they were allowed to control possession without really hurting us in the final third.

Of course, that could have been very different if Josh Vickers hadn’t played a blinder, with the home side spurring several good one-on-one chances to put the game to bed. From our view, Vickers was the hero but in the stand away to our left, he was merely a bit–part player in an example of how not to be a striker.

Northampton fans were, on the whole, fairly gracious in their comments towards us. They were the better side but they praise our resilience in defence and our ability to close the game down. there’s always the odd moron who choose to launch into a tirade at our style of football, but any Cobbler calling us long ball only needs to look at the highlights reel to show they were just as bad as us, if not worse.

On Twitter there seems to be some low-level dissention amongst fans, nothing too serious. We open with a tweet from a Grade A nugget, but from there there’s plenty of honest analysis of the game. I shouldn’t bite, but how were our fans obsessed with them when they started the chanting aimed at us, including something like ‘you’ll always be non-league’? Baffling. When called out of course he claims to be ‘reeling us in’. Internet fishing, the last refuge of the complete and utter social degenerate.

Had they got a Matt Green or a John Akinde up front, perhaps the score would have been different. Had they been totally prepared for our approach as Dean Austin said they would be, maybe they could have got back into the game. Had Lee Swabey not played a role in our goal, albeit a very minor one, maybe it would have been 0-0.

It wasn’t though, we won and it’s on to Swindon next week.

Here’s some of the Cobblers you can find on Twitter this morning.


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  1. Austen bred by haselbaint poor stuff awfull bridge class on the bench yet clueless in his substitute moves

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