Four potential captains in the wake of Luke’s departure

Michael O’Connor

It might seem odd to pick a player who hasn’t kicked a ball competitively for City just yet, but O’Connor is vastly experienced and he was Notts County’s captain for the last two seasons as well.

There’s a train of thought that a captain playing in midfield is an advantage as he’s often involved in play at both ends of the park and therefore has contact with every player on the field at regular intervals. Of course, that isn’t a prerequisite, merely something that might work in his favour.

The fact he hasn’t played for us yet and might not know the players as well as some, makes him the outsider of the four and least likely to be handed the armband.

Michael Bostwick

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Surely, surely it will be Michael Bostwick, won’t it? He’s the obvious choice for me, he’s all-action, vocal and has captained Peterborough before coming here.

He hasn’t got the top-flight experience of Neal Eardley, he hasn’t got the home-grown factor of Lee Frecklington, but he is a born leader. If he needs a team to go to battle, he’ll be the one at the front charging in first. He grabs games by the scruff of the neck and drags them forward and he would do the same with the players around him.

I know we don’t get a vote, it would be ridiculous, but if we did I’d go with Bostwick.

Actually, why not vote below? Who would be your choice of captain?

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