The 1,000,000th visitor quiz

Yep, you’ve read it right. All being well, one of the people taking this quiz will become the 1,000,000th hit this year.

I’ve hit a million before, but that was total views on the blog. We’ve never landed on a cool million in a calendar year but as I type this out, from January 1st until right now, we’ve had 998,862 visitors. Within reason we usually get around 1,200 views on a quiz so that means we’re likely to crash through the million barrier with this post.

This year we’ve been lucky enough to be involved with Matt Green’s sponsorship again, as well as helped towards the sponsorship of Matt Rhead. We’ve recently sponsored a local Sunday League team too, as well as the Fan’s Player Scheme. Just today, money was handed over to Mayflower House in Boston as part of the site revenue. All of that, no matter how small it seems, is because of you guys coming on here and reading my stuff.

Thanks to you and of course to some of my regular contributors. Malcolm Johnson’s excellent history pieces are unique and insightful, Tom Williams brings his facts and figures to the site and hopefully we’ve helped launch the writing career of young Kyle Kennealey too. Whenever we can, we’ll accept good submissions, so if you fancy having your say, get in touch.

Thanks also to Lincoln City Football Club. Without them, what on earth would I write about?

I suppose I’d better give you a quiz to crack on with, right?

Click here for your 1,000,000 views quiz

(For the record, since the very first site in March 2016, we’ve racked up approx. 2,015,782 hits and 685,472 unique hits)