The search for the Worst Ever Imps XI begins

Firstly, you can’t just pick the team of 2011, it isn’t that easy. Sorry.

This summer we did the hunt for the Stacey West XI, the best players our readers had seen play for City. The results came in and after a long vote (too long on the strikers) we discovered the best you felt you’d seen.

Something that will be far more interesting and exciting is the Worst XI, and we’re kicking it off today. I’ve put a tweet out asking for you to name to worst keeper you’ve ever seen play for City, but if you don’t do tweeting, you can comment on this blog below.

I can’t trawl Facebook for the comments as it’ll be posted in too many places, so your nominations must be on here or on Twitter.

If you nominate I may ask you for a paragraph or two on the player you’ve chosen so the world knows why. we’ll do a preview of the candidates and then finally, the vote as we did before.

Who will make the side? Gomez Dali, Ben Hutchinson and Drewe Broughton can’t all play you know. It’s a dilemma for sure.

My nomination for the worst keeper I’ve ever seen has to be Elliot Parish (pictured). I know he was thrown in at the deep end and all that, but it doesn’t stop him being terrible.

Over to you.


  1. Simon Brown 97/98 …..Peterboro away…….a decent team lost 5-1. He was clueless. On loan from Spurs….his only game.

  2. Ghent – played one FA cup first round game, let one through his legs then gave up football to be a taxi driver in Birmingham. Either him or Grobelaar

  3. Rather than go for a player with only one appearance (Pat Jeavons), two appearances (Alan Judge) or three (Colin Withers) I’ll nominate one who played six times (thankfully no more) – Dean Greygoose. On loan from Cambridge United in the autumn of 1985 he helped put the writing on the wall for John Pickering’s time as manager.

  4. Grobelaar is a good shout but nobody is worse than Parrish ! Incompetent and flappy! I would have done better at 5ft 7 and over 50!

  5. Agree with Hutchinson and Broughton, but Steve Torpey and Bob Latchford must run them close for the striking roles (although there are many more candidates too). Defenders to note include Patrick Kanyuka, Lee Hirst, Joe Anderson and Paul Robson. Midfielders Adam Buckley, Ian Hamilton, Josh O’Keefe and Aristede Bassele must also be in the reckoning. As for keepers, Parish was terrible, while Trevor Carson wasn’t much better!

    We could debate this topic for weeks!

    • The trouble with Andy Leaning was he couldn’t kick a rolling ball so when the rules changed preventing goalkeepers from picking up back passes he was a liability.

  6. Worst keeper was in my oppinion would be Simon Brown on loan from spurs conceded 5 in first game against the posh when on an unbeaten run with the dodgy John Beck in the Hot Seat.

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