Supporter’s Board Minutes August 2018

As there has been some criticism in the past of a lack of transparency over the Supporters Board, I wanted to ensure you had a nice, easy link to the recent minutes.

If you click here you’ll find the minutes from our most recent meeting in August.

Remember, the minutes are all available on the club site, from our first meeting onwards and can be found by visiting, then looking for the Supporter’s Board in the ‘club’ drop down menu. 

I urge you to have a look before levelling any criticism as we’re not looking to be cloak and dagger at all. Quite the opposite, it is vitally important for us that fans engage, read the minutes and have their input if necessary.

Keep an eye on the official site as well, there will soon be an opportunity for you to join the board. That will be announced via the official channels in due course.


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  1. Thanks for this Gary. I know you’re a sensitive soul but don’t worry about the criticism. And please don’t take it personally. People pay their money so have a right, but having supported the club through the last nearly 50 years I can gaurantee that things have never been so good! (So good so good..) if people can’t see the advantage of having a SB discussing these things then that’s their problem not yours. Keep doing what you’re doing – the vast majority are right with you!

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