Three of the biggest losers from the Imps early season form

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

Whenever a side does well, there are inevitably players who lose out, players who simply can’t get a break whatever they do in training.

With our side’s current resilience, not everybody can play. If we were in Mansfield’s position, or even Notts County, everyone would be getting a run out. That isn’t the case, Danny tried a few different set ups early in the season, but has settled on one that seems to work.

That has left three players struggling to make an impression, three very good professionals who all have questions they’ll want answering in the coming weeks. I’m not suggesting they’re on their way out, this isn’t the sort of site that starts making wild assumptions after nine games (unless it’s about promotion).

having said that, there’s one player who I can’t see having a Lincoln City career beyond his current appearances, one who may (I said may) be looking forward to the January window and another who, despite a lack of game time, is surely a player with a big part to play in our season, hopefully our successful season.

Without further ado, here is a brief gallery of players that could be considered to have lost out due to our early season form, featuring photo’s from the fan’s photographer, Graham Burrell.