Cowleys linked with another job – Seriously?

Courtesy Graham Burrell

I’ve held my silence on the latest links between Danny and Nicky and a job in the Championship, but as I’ve been asked a few times to respond I suppose I’d better.

Not going to happen.

There, good enough?


Okay, how about this. Brentford have a set up that means whoever is in charge of the team is not the sole manager. Dean Smith was not Brentford’s manager, he was their Head Coach. Yes, he was responsible for tactics and matchday, but not player recruitment. He didn’t bring in Thomas Frank, the man tipped to replace him internally. They do things differently at Brentford. Can you imagine Danny Cowley being told that amongst the things he couldn’t control was player recruitment?

They have two directors of football, Rasmus Ankersen and Phil Giles, as well as a technical director. Danny and Nicky cover those roles themselves, forging Lincoln City into what they want with the support of the board. Why on earth would they move somewhere that takes away that autonomy?

Here’s why they’re being linked with a move to Brentford; because we’re doing well. Book makers want your money and they see a great opportunity to make some by giving odds on them moving. The news spreads, questions get asked in press conferences and it all begins to snowball. Badly.

The Ipswich job I thought maybe might appeal, but the manner in which that was denied and having seen them around that time as well I became utterly convinced they’re here until one of three things happen. 1) They take us to the Championship and realise that is perhaps our ceiling. 2) Their contracts run out and they’ve completed their self-imposed project. 3) West Ham get hold of their numbers.

It’s that simple. The Brentford links are, in my eyes, ludicrous. It’s odd saying that, what with them being Championship promotion contenders and us being in League Two, but I believe Danny and Nicky when they talk about Lincoln City, the project, the direction we’re heading in and all that. I have no fear at all about Brentford and although it is the job of the press to ask questions, I was actually dismayed to hear it put to Danny yesterday. 

The Echo need a few clicks so they run a headline which in my eyes was sensationalist and more shameless than a ten page gallery outlining my first team preferences. Anyone with advertising is competing for clicks, but I won’t do it by creating nothing news. I might get a few pictures spread over a few pages, but link our managers with another club when deep down I know there’s no base to it at all?

That really isn’t the direction I want to take my site it. I respect them more than that and I respect you more than that.

There, that is my final word on this subject.

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