Player Assessment With a Third of the Season Gone – Pt3

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

It’s time for part three of my look at the current season’s players and assessment.

if you missed part one and part two, click the links.

Michael O’Connor

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

I think O’Connor is integral to our side right now because he’s possibly the only one who does the ‘Woodyard’ role in a dedicated fashion.

He might not quite have the energy of the Peterborough man, but he covers a lot of ground in the middle of the park and can put in a tackle as well as move the ball around. He’s an experienced head and he’s always looking to drive the ball forward when he can.

There’s a question mark over his fitness, not in terms of injuries but managing his load. I don’t think he’s more than 150 minutes a week, in other words a start on Saturday means either early withdrawal or a spot on the bench on a Tuesday.

He’s certainly been one who has impressed me and he’s shown he can strike a ball as well as anyone. we’re better off with him in the side.

Best Moment

I thought he was excellent away at Cheltenham, but he’s one who won’t steal the headlines. If he plays well he brings other players into the game who draw plaudits.

Therefore his best moment has to be a team performance in which we excelled, so I’m going for MK Dons at home. We’ll forget Mansfield, not because he punched one of their players but because it wasn’t Flitcroft. 




  1. Shay is clearly a talented footballer however his performances have in general been good without being exceptional. I always say that good players need good players around them. Expect to see one or two significant signings in January that may well enable him to take his performances to new level.

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