It’s the Alan Long episode of the Stacey West podcast!

You lucky people, hot on the heels of episode 11, the one where Gary got a bit heated over FGR, you’re getting something else to listen to.

Both Ben and Gary spoke to Alan Long this week about his time as a fan, his role and a few other issues. Hear some mascot-based stories from Gary and Alan’s time as a double act, and some personal insights into the man on the mic.

The sound went a bit awry but Ben’s had a good go at cleaning it up, so get your ears wrapped around it now!


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  1. Great listen brought back some great memories over the years.
    Surely it can’t be impossible to get Peter Gain back to the Bank. If there is a player who deserves the title legend it’d Peter Gain.
    Imagine him walking on to a neat capacity Sincil Bank, to get a ovation he deserves.

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