Player Assessment with a third of the season gone – the Final Part


Harry Anderson


Courtesy of Graham Burrell

I’ll be addressing the reports that surfaced this morning once I’m back from tonight’s match, but for now it’s all about Harry’s contribution this season.

Harry is different to Bruno, there’s less tricks and more raw power. If you watch his assist from Saturday it was strong tackling that won him the ball, a determination to make something happen. yes, he has pace and can get past a player, but there’s also a strength to his play that is more suited to a full back.

That’s not to say he should play wing back, not at all, but I can see why Peterborough wanted him there. He’s got the right attributes, but not the right approach. He’s a winger and part of our success has been the blend of his strength and Bruno’s poise, rotated against bemused and beleaguered defenders.

There’s more to come from Harry, he does fade late in games but his all-action style takes a toll. he’s still young, 21 remember, so there is a lot to develop and grow within the lad. I can see a short rest coming up for him soon, he’s been approaching burn out for a while and as a younger pro I suspect a game or two on the side lines will serve him well.

Best Moment

He’s played better, but for me Port Vale away has to be one of his highlights. He came into the squad late having been dropped and scored, plus his work rate all afternoon was tremendous. he showed mental strength that afternoon as well as physical. 




  1. Bossy’s thou shalt not pass performance on Saturday was as good a defensive back to the wall individual display I’ve seen for a long long time. Sometimes think you put the rose tinted glasses on Gary but generally I don’t think you are too far out with this quartet apart from Andrade. Potentially a 10 going forward but you are talking performance so far. So on that I say a strong 8.

  2. Andrade’s defensive/dirty work v FGR means I agree with the high rating, he’s shown all season he’s got the skill and a huge helping of arrogance to go with it though his decision making is still a work in progress. But his performance for the cause on Saturday showed he’s much more than a show pony.

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