Player Assessment with a third of the season gone – the Final Part

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

If you’re honest, this is the one you’ve all been waiting for, isn’t it? Bostwick, Anderson, Andrade and of course, big John Akinde. 

It’s certainly a collection of our key players, but how do they fare? There’s only one way to find out. get reading.


Michael Bostwick


Courtesy Graham Burrell

Centre back or central midfield, it really doesn’t matter. If Michael Bostwick is playing you know what you’ll get, a non-nonsense approach, fearless and commanding. For Bostwick, read Bossed it.

Every so often a player comes along so unflinchingly solid that strikers get bruised just looking at him, a man who attains cult status by simply playing his football and doing nothing else. Interviews? Not a chance. Appearances? Nope. he turns up, kicks things and goes home.

Bozzy is a monster for us, his tackling is strong and never, ever half-hearted. He wins most of his aerial duels and there’s not been a player he’s come up against that he will shy away from. This season he might have dropped back into the defence, but he’s as commanding as ever. If anything, I like him and Shackell together, two proper professionals afraid of nothing at all.

Sure, he lacks finesse at times but you don’t buy a player like Bostwick for short passing or mazy runs. You buy them because they’re hard.

Best Moment

He’s lucky I did this after the weekend because I’m going to pick Forest Green. He was a behemoth this weekend, always thwarting efforts at last-minute, heading and tackling as though his life depended on it. He pulled us to that victory and he’ll do it again before the season is out.




  1. Bossy’s thou shalt not pass performance on Saturday was as good a defensive back to the wall individual display I’ve seen for a long long time. Sometimes think you put the rose tinted glasses on Gary but generally I don’t think you are too far out with this quartet apart from Andrade. Potentially a 10 going forward but you are talking performance so far. So on that I say a strong 8.

  2. Andrade’s defensive/dirty work v FGR means I agree with the high rating, he’s shown all season he’s got the skill and a huge helping of arrogance to go with it though his decision making is still a work in progress. But his performance for the cause on Saturday showed he’s much more than a show pony.

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