Five Lincoln City strikers you’ll do well to remember

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

The recent furore over John Akinde and his contribution to the side has made me smile somewhat. Whilst it is distasteful in some instances, when I cast my mind back to some of the players we’ve seen at the club, we’re lucky to be able to debate a striker with such power and pace.

The truth is we’ve had some very, very bad players come through our football club, many of them recently. In the years before Danny and Nicky, the player turnover was high as we tried several different names without any luck. 

For this Thursday morning gallery, we thought we’d link up with Photographer of the Fans, Graham Burrell, to bring you a gallery of five footballers you’ll either want to forget, secretly admire or never have noticed at all.

What’s more, all of them have played for us in the last six years. That’s right, when you read these names you’ll be surprised they’ve been at Sincil Bank as recently as 2015 in some instances.

Ready to be taken back to some players you were never fond of in the first instance? Be prepared.