‘Wished we gave him more of a chance’ – Some Imps reaction to Joan Luque’s departure

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Football is a game of opinions and when it comes to former Barcelona youth Joan Luque, it seems Imps fans are completely divided.

The 26-year old was released by the club today following a six-month spell, during which he spent time out on loan at Bromley. It was that ill-fated spell which seems to have sealed his fate, he got very little game time in the National League.

He’s been replying to some of the feedback on Twitter too, confirming he wasn’t injured at Bromley, which means his omission was based on form, what the club saw in training and other such factors. It’s harsh, the lad seemed to do well when given a chance and played well against both Blackburn Rovers and Accrington, but clearly that isn’t enough to get him a permanent deal.

It’s easy for the layman to comment, people like you and I who have seen snippets of him from time to time and fell in love with the story, but Danny is a realist and he is paid to make the decisions that we don’t always agree with. He’s worked with Luque on the training field, he’s had the feedback from Bromley and he’s used far move evidence than we have to make his decision.

It seemed odd that he got a six month deal in the first place, rather than a year and it is especially harsh that he’s now represented two clubs because the door looks well and truly closed here and at Bromley. That loan spell is what has really done for him, had he gone there and got games he could have settled back into the starting 16 here as Grant Smith has done. Instead his time turned sour there and ultimately cost him his place with the Imps.

Some Twitter users feel that he wasn’t up to the grade required, others feel he wasn’t given a chance to shine. Here’s some of the comments floating about on social media this afternoon.