Stacey West Podcast Episode 23 Out Now

It’s a busy morning for scheduled posts isn’t it? For the layman, I’m writing this at 10pm on Wednesday evening, having done a Supporter’s Board post and the Tom Pett interview. That’s how it looks like I write so much during the day. Smoke and mirrors.

Anyway, now you’ve had a pointless introduction to my schedule, here’s Episode 23 of the Stacey West podcast. 

I think we’re over the infamous ‘rubbish’ episode of two weeks ago, I really enjoyed recording this one. We talk Grimsby, Swindon transfers and the usual off topic too. 

Next week we welcome along a guest too, Jake Tongue will be on the show. He’s an Imps fan of (and I quote) a different generation to me and Ben. I think what he means is he’s young.

We’re keen to move the pod forward and will always welcome advice, tips and features you’d like to see. If your feedback is ‘this is rubbish’, it’s not a lot of use to us. Sorry. try ‘this is rubbish because nobody cares about Gary’s dog’ and we’re getting somewhere.





  1. Now you are opening it up to the younger viewers how about also opening it up to say the elder statesmen and also how about exiled imps?

      • I have the chrome part. No mic though so will have to sort. Would love to have a chat about my time of being a season ticket holder from back in the day when I did not work shifts. Will have to sort out a mic.

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