Joey Barton Issue Contradictory Bolger Statements Following Imps Deal

Fleetwood Town manager Joey Barton has had a bitter rant about the recent transfer of Cian Bolger to the Imps in Fleetwood’s local press.

Seeing as you’re all such big Barton fans after he got owned by Rheady in March 2017, I thought it prudent to report on what he understands to be the Fleetwood side of the story. or, as you’ll find out, what he blatantly does not understand at all.

Bolger joined the Imps yesterday on a two and a half year deal that should see him remain an Imp until we’re top six in League One. Or the summer of 2021. Whichever is closest.

It’s a capture that’s raised a few eyebrows, with reports of a Scottish club bidding £500,000 for him in the summer, as well as rumoured Championship interest. Barton doesn’t believe there was a bid for him, but in a rather confused collection of comments, he suggests he probably wouldn’t know if there was as negotiations are not his job.

He began by refuting the claims that a deal had been on the table in the summer.

“I’m telling you now, if someone offered £500,000 for him in the summer he would not have been here until now.”

He reacted with some surprise at the claims of a free transfer, but then oddly admitted there might not have been a fee. he also lamented Danny for talking about his business when, just a few words later, he admitted it wasn’t his business.

“I’m surprised Danny is talking about my business,” he started out by saying. “I’m very surprised in terms of how he knows so much and I know so little seemingly.”

He then claimed that no player comes for free, suggesting that Danny made out Bolger wasn’t being paid wages. Which he didn’t.

“He has done fantastically well then because, as far as I know, you do not get any player for free. Everybody is paid a wage and, if he has managed to do that, it is an incredible deal; I take my hat off to him. No transfer is a free transfer.”

He then offered some insight into why Bolger left the club, but oddly went against his first statement by admitting he didn’t know if there was a fee and he wasn’t involved in any negotiations. So technically, it wasn’t his business.

“For me, he (Bolger) had to leave the club in terms of he was running his contract out. I did not handle the negotiations; it is not my job, my job is to manage the team. My job was to answer the question ‘is he going to play?’

“I don’t know whether they have paid a transfer fee; there might be a thing on there of promotion which I don’t know but I’d be very surprised because our chief executive (Steve Curwood) does not give anything away for free. If he has then that is a seismic moment in his career and he should be congratulated because I am constantly talking to him about freeing up money and he is not particularly great at giving anything away without getting value for it.“

To summarise, Danny shouldn’t be talking about Barton’s business, even if it isn’t his business and he definitely didn’t come for free. Well, not definitely, Barton doesn’t know that, but probably. or, because Danny doesn’t lie, he did come for free and Barton isn’t entirely happy at letting such a good player go for nothing. Not that it was his business as manager of the football club.

He finished by contradicting his opening statement. Remember, 540 odd words ago how he said there wasn’t a £500,00 bid in the summer? Well…

“Big Cian, for whatever reason, they had not sorted a contract out with him. There were bids rejected and certain things that had gone on before I took over.”

Bids Joey? Not £500,000 though as you clarified that even though a; it wouldn’t be your business anyway and b: you weren’t at the club at the time.

Glad we’ve got that cleared up. 

Kind of.





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