Never been a better time to get involved with recent ticket deal

On the back of the article published earlier in the week, it seems pertinent to highlight the offer the club put out yesterday.

Whilst I am pro club I’m not usually one for promoting their offers and things. I’m an independent blog and leave the promotional stuff up to them. But, as I want a heads up on any new signing…. no, wait. Sorry, I’ll start again. As I’m keen to see the Bank filled for the next two home games I thought I’d highlight this one.

Not only is it a good offer, but the current mood swing away from hostility towards the new fans is something that should see the ground sold out for the matches with Exeter and Stevenage. We bang on about new grounds, 12,000 capacity and all that, but actual sell outs are rare. Our average crowd is around the 8,800 mark, meaning there’s a thousand places we could feasibly sell.

So let’s do just that shall we? The club are clearly keen, offering a ‘buy one, get one half price’ deal yesterday. With automatic promotion to play for and a bit more revenge due over Exeter, we should be selling out the ground for that fixture. Stevenage is a highly winnable game too and if you work out we maybe need nine wins for League One football, these could be crucial matches indeed.

Even better, these deals are for the Stacey West, my spiritual home. I’ve not been in that end of the ground for many years now, sadly, due to the erratic nature of its opening. It’ll be nice to see it filled with Imps once more and there’s a great affordable opportunity to do just that.

Get on it!


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  1. There is a few 1000 of spaces but the room provided for disability supporters needs sorting out. It’s not about being special or anything like that. At the moment the seating in the Mcfarlen stand is far to cramped especially if you suffer from severe pain, spasms & need to stand & move about to keep the circulation going etc. It defiantly needs updating. I wonder what plans are in place to address this. In the solenty stand you have row c which has a wide platform I personally think that row was ideal for ambiant disabled.

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