£1353 and counting: The good keeps coming from Alan Hardy’s faux pas

Saturday didn’t bring us the result we wanted, as expected (by me) a resolute and rejuvenated Notts County put up a superb fight and ended up sharing the points with us.

Whilst many made their way home disappointed, there will be some who take the silver lining from the cloud, that being the superb force of good that ended up raising a four-figure sum for Prostate Cancer charities.

Danny Nesbitt and Jack Mulhall combined with a host of Imps fans who ordered blow up genitalia this week, asking for donations for Prostate Cancer. The tag line for their fundraising read; “It’s quite simple, Alan got his little man out.. let’s raise money for the little men.”

Essentially, as well as the juvenile (and inevitable) taunting of the less than tech-savvy boss of the Magpies, Imps fans were urged to donate to charity in his honour. Thus far the response has been superb, with £1353 being raised.

That money will benefit the charity and hopefully the campaign has turned attention to the dangers. I know I’ve got to go and get checked really, I don’t to but hey, if Alan Hardy can survive putting his John Thomas online, I’m sure I can brave the doctor’s finger for a few seconds.

You can still donate, if you wish to do so please click on this link. It’s for a great cause.