Turning back the clock: Liam Hearn

We do a feature on Football League World called ‘rewinds’ where we revisit a moment form a club’s history and find the Twitter reaction from the time. I figured I might try one on here and see what you think.

I covered Danny and Nicky’s appointment for FLW the other day and it did relatively well, so I thought I’d find another angle. Step forward a man I never thought I’d write about again, Liam Hearn.

Liam really frustrated me because when he left, I still felt he had a lot to offer the game. 

Yes, he let us down when we needed him. Yes, he always seemed to be injured, or at least he thought he was injured. Since leaving us he’s dropped down the pyramid, but his appearances for Basford showed he’s still a natural goal scorer.

That’s what he always was, an instinctive scorer who could have been an Imps’ great. His partnership with Matt Rhead could have fired us to the top six in the National league and when he left us in the lurch, everything imploded. You have to feel for Chris Moyses who actually built a side worth shouting about at the Bank, but then had the main man drop us right in it.

He started well, banging a hat trick in an early game and always looking sharp in front of goal. he was being managed sensibly, in and out of the side to make sure there was no break down in his condition. Injury had blighted his career, but he looked good in an Imps shirt.

that was until he got a spot of Grimsbyitis and buggered off to Barrow to play one game. The damage was done and even though he came back and apologise, he scored one more goal before being left out of the side. he was an early casualty of the Cowley reign and one of the forgettable figures from Imps history. He scored eight times in 13 matches for City, a good ratio but far too few matches.

When he signed there was optimism, that is for sure. One poster did spot the dark clouds hovering overhead in his scarf picture though and perhaps that is the most accurate post of the ones I’ve found on the announcement.

Liam Hearn; in hindsight a huge flop but certainly a player who, in another life, could have scored 100 goals for us.