Put the anger to one side: Let’s remember what made us strong

It’s been a rough few weeks hasn’t it? The team are top of the league, we’ve been to Everton and run them close in the FA Cup and had a strong transfer window.

Aside from all that terribleness, social media has seen lots of vitriol flying around, with players coming under fire, the club’s season ticket announcement backfiring when I’m sure it wasn’t the intention and someone even accusing me of being sycophantic to the managers who have given us two trophies, a Wembley trip and our pride back. Imagine that!

All the sarcasm aside though, we’re in serious danger of missing the point here, as fans and as a club as a whole. What got us here? Aside from Danny and Nicky, aside from investment from the board? I’ll tell you what got us here; we did.

We cheered the side on when they went 1-0 down to Torquay in the 80th minute on Good Friday. We stuck with the team when they went 1-0 down at Gateshead a couple of days later. We roared them on at Portman Road, out-singing the Championship side and we did the same at Arsenal, even though we were beaten. 

We rallied round to fund a player in the summer of 2016. We bought season tickets in their thousands upon returning to the league, helping the club evade the mistakes of those lot up the road. We seized on the success and built a fortress at Sincil Bank which has seen us lose once in the league at home this season and only six times throughout Danny’s managerial reign.

That’s what our strength is. We are one, whether you like the hashtag ‘Imps As One’ or not, it is true. Some people might not like having it served up to them in that manner, but there’s a reason the club picked it. We were as one.

Now, I fear we’re not, not entirely. I fear that some have a sense of entitlement, some believe we’re going to turn up and win games just because we have done before. That never happens. Football isn’t just a great game, it is a cruel mistress and the wrong attitude, on and off the field, can backfire badly. We were once the club’s greatest strength, but we’re in real danger of becoming its Achilles Heel.

Are we in danger of becoming the architect of our own downfall? Is what made us great in serious danger of making us weaker? Surely, we cannot allow this to happen. There’s enough hate for us as a club out there right now without us generating some of our own from within.

Two years ago we faced a torrid time in February and early March before turning things around and surging forward as one. We were united off the field, focused entirely on the task in hand. I understand the furore over the ST announcement, but are we going to let that overshadow our first serious chance of lifting a Football League title trophy since 1976? Are we going to let a seething anger at a perceived injustice detract from the task in hand at the club we love?

I believe (aside from trolls and fishermen) that the posts on social media are born from a passion for us to do well, but that can’t just be expected of Danny and the players. He tells us so often how important we are that some forget. Some want to shoot this influential manager down, who knows why. We’re not all Tom Duggan though, are we? We don’t all revel in acting up on the internet and making an infamous name for ourselves.

I get the dissent, I understand where people are angry about the ST announcement but would you let that get in the way of supporting the team, through thick and thin? I’ve been going to Sincil Bank for over 32 years now and this is the closest we’ve ever come to finishing top of one of the four divisions in the Football League. 

We could play Ipswich next season as equals. It was out big day out two years ago, a match that fans were attracted to based on stature. We could be the same division as them, as well as maybe Sunderland, Charlton, Bolton, as well as being given a stab at finally being the Pride of Lincolnshire.

You want that? Yeah? Me too.

Put down the keyboard, put aside the ST anger and get right behind the lads this weekend and next. When things don’t go well, fuck it. Sing, shout and cheer, let the lads know that there’s a belief in the stands and a desire amongst supporters to see them get over the line and become a third-tier side next season.

Let Danny know you love him and let the club know that despite the faux pas, despite the outpouring on negativity on social media, that deep down you still love them too. You still bleed red and white, you still hurt when they hurt.

Most of all, lets come back together as one and rediscover what made us great.

We are Imps and once more, it’s our time to shine. This journey can only be stopped from the inside and I don’t think we’re about to let that happen.

Courtesy of Graham Burrell


  1. Absolutely. We are Imps fans. We want success for our club. Let’s just all pull together and get behind the boys, even if they’re having an off day. United we stand, divided we fall. Danny and Nicky are the best thing to happen to this club in a very long time. They’ve been the driving force that got us where we are, but they need US too. We are all an important part of the amazing success we are enjoying. If we don’t do our bit, the wheels might come off the loco – and I am sure none of us want that. Agree to disagree at times, but let’s patch up or fortress and be PROUD!

    • Did you shout and make lots of noise? Didn’t make much difference did it? Another 2 points dropped! Clinging on to the top spot but not convincing, only there because of other results. You need to face it, not good enough and flattered by current position. Wake up, smell the coffee and book an appointment at Specsavers!!!

  2. Great rally call Gary. Unfortunately a section of our so called supporter base is incapable of dropping the hatred towards Akinde(racism) and there is also a section of supporters who appear self entitled and who are clearly clueless in relation to our progress. However 99% of our fans will make a bloody noise this weekend and stamp on any poor support in the stands. Time to stand up and make a noise!

    • Did you shout, did you make noise? Didn’t make much difference did it? 2 points dropped, clinging on to top of the league but not convincing, only there because of other results. If they go up, will probably come straight back down. Don’t fancy their chances against Stevenage. Glad I stayed at home and watched the rugby!!!!

  3. Well said Gary, unfortunately I doubt your words will influence those who don’t want to listen, but echoing what Domski just said I believe the majority of us will always stand behind the team.

    One thing I do want to get off my chest is the Kohn Akindi situation. I do and have always supported him as a player since I first saw him play. I also trust Danny’s judgement 100%, however, it seems to have got lost in the vile treatment he has received on-line and the constant need to support him but he really isn’t playing well at all at the moment. It’s nothing to do with him missing the penalty at County either.

    With all this negativity, we forget that one of the ‘privileges’ of watching football from the stands as always been your ‘right’ to offer your opinion to the guy sat next to you.

    As you say Gary, it’s a wonderful time to be an Imp, let’s embrace it and enjoy the good and the bad, but don’t take away the passion, that’s what it’s really all about ?

  4. You pay your dues so are entitled to an opinion in any walk of life. If it’s vitriol it’s obviously not worth reading but constructive criticism should be welcomed and looking back at last weeks game Danny will have been questioning what he could have done differently otherwise how can he learn? He doesn’t know all the answers (Roy Hodgson set England up with a 4-4-2 against San Marino years ago) so even the most experienced managers can make fundamental mistakes.
    Danny’s substitutions in my opinion have been 2nd to none in the last two years.
    The AKinde argument may have two sides to it but you cannot fault the stats along with all the other stats about our team that show we are incredibly effective at this game and that’s why we are top at present.
    A near full house every week shows we are doing a lot right but can we get better? Of course we can!
    If the ego is too big to exclude constructive criticism it will fail eventually. I am sure Danny’s on it

  5. Your article brought moisture to my eyes, Gary. It should be printed out and issued to all home attendees next game as a great rallying cry.
    As for attacks on social media, I do not read them so don’t know and neither care what criticism they offer. Ignore them. Only thing that matters is what the management think.

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