4 fresh line ups the Stacey West thinks Danny might consider ahead of Morecambe trip

Courtesy Graham Burrell

It’s been suggested that in the light of four draws on the bounce, the side may need freshening up a little bit. We are still top which does mean we’re not in a bad place, but form does need to change for the better.

It’s weird, discussing a loss of form when we’re unbeaten in the league in 2019, on a nine-match unbeaten run and have lost once in 17 League Two matches. still, stats can tell both stories and we’ve taken four points from a possible twelve. 

I think everyone is hurting from yesterday, a draw, but in reality we won’t know if it was damaging or not until the season concludes. It does pay to keep cool and focused on the task in hand, the facts are we’re still top, two points clear and have a game in hand. In ten days time things could look very different indeed. 

This coming weekend Bury have a tricky derby with Oldham, Forest Green visit Mansfield and we have a chance to get back to winning ways against Morecambe. There are no easy games, which is why we should be positive as well as concerned. Oldham are just as likely to beat Bury as we are to lose at Morecambe. Such is this league, no side has run away with it and we’ve only been top for as long as we have by virtue of a tremendous start.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Danny hinted at changes in his post-match interview, saying “Everybody needs to be honest with themselves and take responsibility. On Monday, we will do what we do best and come back fighting. We will feel the pain, it will be a long week but it is not the time to blame individuals. We need to stick together, learn and come back stronger.”

The chances are that the XI that take to the field next weekend will be different from the side that started this week. It’s fair for Danny not to call players out, but if I’m being honest I felt a few went missing this week. In patches Pett, Harry Toffolo and Neal Eardley played okay, but they weren’t at their best. Nor was Freck, Bozzy looked uncomfortable in the centre and despite setting one up, Danny Rowe drifted in and out of the game.

At the back I wasn’t entirely convinced by Bolger for the first time since he arrived either, Alex Revell got right under his skin and Grant Smith did okay, but not great.

With that in mind, we’ve put together four different line ups Danny might like to choose from. Have a look, see what you think and vote on the winner on the last page.



  1. I have heard rumours of Eardley carry a knock over the last few weeks, so why not rest him and play Brown at right back. I like what Eardley brings to the team but surely it’s better to have him fully fit, injury free going into the final weeks of the season

  2. I’ve voted for B, but while I can see a case for playing O’Hara the best midfield pairing I’ve seen this season is Pett and O’Connor.

  3. Pointless conjecture in my opinion. Motivation and approach is the key. Look at Man Utd of late, I’m not saying that Imps players are cheats that shouldn’t have been paid like the Man Utd shower and no way do we need a change of management but something is clearly missing in the motivation area. Rest some players, drop some players, give some players the hair dryer treatment but as for formations I think Danny and Nicky will have already looked at their options, best left to them don’t you think?

  4. Rheady to start we need some passion direction and leadership on the pitch at the moment and no one does it better. Best games this season were vale and Scunthorpe and Rheady led both

  5. Good options Gary, but my thoughts only but I don’t think Freck is having a good time at the moment OHara is supposed to be Box to Box is now the time to give him more than 6 minutes per game. Big John has been working his socks off but does need someone closer to him. It worked with Rowe on occasions but why not Angol, he needs to prove a point. Bozzie needs to be in the back four, to try stop us conceding , Bolger doesn’t seem the finished article as yet.
    We bought players in to strengthen the team, but so far they really have been squad players only with the exception of Rowe.
    I do believe we will be promoted and this dip in form is something that happens to all sides whatever league you look at. Unfortunately we do appear nervous at home, and visitors raise there game because we would be a good scalp.
    I also think we have been found out. We do our homework on the opposition so they must do against us.
    There are some difficult games coming up against play off hopefuls, no game is an easy 3 points at anytime.
    Keep up the good work Gary.

  6. We just need to get back in the winning way. O’Hara and Angol to start. I also agree with the comment re Eardley. He has been below his normal standards for a few weeks now, getting left by anybody with pace, he needs a rest.

  7. Our best performances this season have had Pett in central Midfield. And in those games Pett was one of the most influential players. So that should be the starting point of picking a formation. Probably with O’Connor.
    Bostwick should be back in defence.

  8. Bozzy and Shack at the back have been impenetrable, whilst I rate Bolger, his playing has disrupted what was the best CB pairing in the league by a mile. O’Connor and Pett in the middle for me, Rowe (right) and Bruno (left) flanks, Shay behind Big John. Changes when Harry is back, drop Shay and put Rowe in behind Big John – he gets closer to support John and play seems to move ten yards up the pitch. If Vickers is fit enough to be on the bench, then should be fit enough to play, otherwise where’s Gilkes? Like Smith, but have to question his positioning against Stevenage.

    Trust Danny and Nicky to do the right thing.They are with the players day in day out
    HAVE FAITH!!!!.

  10. I’m not against Akinde at all, he isn’t as effective as I’d hoped but you can see how much he scares the opposing defence but maybe he needs a rest-he does have to do a lot of running (not as much as others but he is a big unit) and it may do him good seeing Angol or Rhead come in and do well, it may inspire him too. Other players would benefit too but overall I just think with the talent we’ve got, we need to start being more positive and dominant and get the ball down and play like we’ve seen in really strong patches recently, we have the ballers to do it.

  11. agree Angol to start with Bostwick at the back. Big issue is loss of form caused by trying to fill 18 yard box with defenders! If you leave one fast player up front,(or 2 ), surely that would make our opponents players bring players out to cover them, instead of relying on inane boots into no-mans land knowing its going to come back into even more fractious Lincoln defenders.IN THE LAST GAME I COUNTED 7 STEVENADGE OUTFIELD MEN WHILE WE HAD ALL OUR MEN INSIDE 18 YARDS.They liked taking free shots from range, as it proved!! Untill we changed formation we were easing to a win.

  12. I’ve gone for option B, and I would drop a couple to the bench, lets see Brown on bench, and Freck for the way he walked past DC and NC when he was subbed, and ignored them both, I know he’s captain, but surely the rules are there for everyone.We must use our loan players more IMO. come on boys
    A lot of people in Selenity saw Frecks actions and were talking about it.

  13. We must now think selecting the team from the whole squad, the new singnings got good press cover, and should now get a chance to start. I think putting bossy in the back for a start and stabelize things, and perhaps work the middle of the park around O’Connor and then mix it up up front, because other teams are sussing out our style of play, give Angol and O’Hara a run in with Andrade and Rowe, And Gilkes to start in goal experience for Smith and Vickers to learn from. Grant has looked a bit unsure of late.
    Let the supporters see the whole pcture.

  14. I’ve gone for option B, and I would drop a couple to the bench, lets see Brown on bench, and Freck for the way he walked past DC and NC when he was subbed, and ignored them both, I know he’s captain, but surely the rules are there for everyone.We must use our loan players more IMO. come on boys
    A lot of people in Selenity saw Frecks actions and were talking about it.

  15. For me it’s the formation. We tend to finish games far too defensively so I bet opposing managers are telling players to shoot on site. We’ve seen this several times in 2019 already with late late goals conceded. So perhaps it’s easier for opposing managers to tactically plan against us. If so perhaps the best way forward would be to change tactics, I notice Gary, you never considered 4 4 2 which would allow the use of Rowe and Andrade on the wings!

  16. Formation is one thing and the way we play is another. We are far to negative. The moment we score and lead we start to,, killing football” by sitting back, waisting time and waiting for the final whistle.. We need to be more brave and positive…
    Few changes however more than welcome. First is no Freck. We have got Pett, O’Connor and Ohara who meant to be a great signing…
    Also no Smith if possible. I like him but Vickers and I guess Gilks if both fit are better options…
    Don’t get why some people criticising Eardley.. He is class. Instead someone schould teach Toffollo how to defend.. Not sure if that possible though..

    • agree 100%. Also cant see why we go negative when leading, with easy,controlled football only to believe “they” cant shoot from distance (having had plenty of warning shots on Saturday which Lincoln did not pick up on )
      This is not the first time this formula has been adopted with the same sad results.At least we should leave one or two fast players in forward positions in order to occupy several opposition players rather than allowing continual pressure on our box.We must act like champions to be champions.


  17. I agree with everything you say Dave Clark,we sat in at Everton and look at what happened, as I said before, all the signed players all got good reviews especially O’Hara, and we should use the loan players a lot more, and really show the whole squad it will be competition for places, being a bit more enterprising, and we can go up DC, and as champions. We have the players to do it let them do it, maybe like Mick Harford is doing at Luton, perhaps have a chat with him.

    come on boys

  18. We must also think about pushing the back line which would squeeze the midfield further, then with our forwards moving to find space for more players to shoot from anywhere like Bruno,(how many of our players were scoring earlier on in season 11 I believe)Come on boys you can really do this, keep pushing for goals, goal difference as well as just goals.

    come on boys

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