How important might that win be?

This isn’t the full article. I’m out for a meal tonight and haven’t got time to do the full write-up for you until the morning, but I had to commit something to the site this evening.

Danny said enjoy it and you know what? I enjoyed that. I enjoyed it because we never looked like losing, I enjoyed it because we won the tough game while our rivals all won too. I enjoyed it because it answered a lot of the critics.

This evening I feel something has been lifted again. That gloom that exudes from some, the expectation that had been pressing down has surely been taken away to a degree. There was a fear, was there not? Struggling to get wins at home mean that a certain mindset kicks in; we’re not good enough for promotion.

I’ve tipped up Bury to win the league, worrying that we might not get the right results, but this afternoon puts a middle finger up to all that. Forest Green have a £1m striker up front (apparently). They’ve got quality, real quality, but would you know it from today? No. You know why? Because we are the best side without the ball and we’re not bad with it either.

I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but I did say this was a winnable game. I didn’t think we’d start with Akinde and Rhead, but I certainly saw reason to do so. Once Forest Green had run out of ideas, seven minutes into the game, we just took over. 

To anyone who says that we’ve not played like champions this season: we have now.

I thought the 1-1 draw with Northampton had helped galvanise the supporters and club again, but this has done more. This has sent a message to Mansfield fans who think we’re going to bottle this. It’s sent a message to Bury who have been the in form side since October. It’s delivered a warning to MK Dons, still seven points behind. We’re Lincoln City. We’re unbeaten since Boxing Day and we might have stumbled a bit, but we’re still the team to catch.

I heard it said away games against Bury, FGR, Mansfield and MK Dons would decide our fate. We’ve got four from six now, big points against big teams (and Forest Green) in the big games.

This is a short article, maybe even a bit of a gloating one, but only because we’re all quick to point out the negatives. I said we were below average Tuesday and we were, but that performance this afternoon was how a table-topping side play. To anyone who says that we’ve not played like champions this season; we have now.

We’re still top, three points clear and thanks to our record signing, cool from the spot and a handful in open play, we’re on course for League One football next season.

I’m delighted for John Akinde. I’m delighted for Danny Cowley. I’m delighted for all the fans who believe. I’m delighted for me too. This is how supporting a football club should feel.

Happy days.

“Ooh-wooh, we’ve got John Akinde….”


  1. Massive win and helps restores some of the doubters faith after tuesdays poor performance.More importantly Akindes late late goal v Exeter maybe the piovatal moment of his and our season.


  2. What a difference Matt Rhead made, he’s such a threat that the opposition can not ignore him and it opens up things for Akinde and hasn’t he capitalised on it.Less said about the ref the better.

  3. That is the 8th time in a row I have been to the game at FGR. It was a good open game and they played like a team. We are lucky to have some very gifted players and the best management team in the League. However, I hear of constant criticism of players and tactics which is not what a true supporter of a team would stoop to. People are entitled to a view, of course, but before you open your mouth and spout nonsense think back to the first 5 years in the National League which were hellish. Then Danny & Nicky arrived with a philosophy and plan for the club and the team. If the whingers don’t shut up the Cowleys may wonder why they are here and listen to offers, of which there will be plenty. Support the team and keep the silly criticism to yourselves.

  4. Just got back, Just a superb performance, all over the pitch hard to pick out a man of the match because every body looked on method to coin a cowley phrase.
    But I have to pick out Big John of whom I am a big fan, they looked bloody terrified of him.
    Special mention of our Excited Puppies management team. ( according to FGR forum page) who really are meticulous having done a personal pitch inspection at 10 am this morning before deciding their strategy for the day.
    Hats off to all concerned from a truly happy imp.

  5. Every point made above is spot on.

    Another big plus to add: when they came on, I thought all subs immediately picked up the intensity of the game and put heart and soul in. A special mention about Tom Pett who replaced Michael O’Connor who had been fearless until his injury; The transition from one to the other was seamless- Tom threw himself into everything in defence just like Michael and brought his own finesse in attack. Awesome to watch.

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