‘Great response,’ ‘I’d tuck him in’ – These Imps fans are delighted with 16-goal striker’s efforts this weekend

Courtesy Graham Burrell

It’s clear that the role of centre forward will always divide fans. Some will want a player to be admired even when the goals aren’t flowing, others want to pull them down even when they are.

When we signed John Akinde we did so as a 20 goal a season striker. He now needs four to hit that target.

This weekend there’s little doubt he enjoyed playing with Rheady. When John doesn’t have to be the target man, he makes a fearsome channel runner. I always admired Matt Green because he ran the channels with pace and trickery, but John does it with power and brute force. he’s quick deceptively so, but to move that frame means conserving energy. 

He won’t run a lost cause causing some, incorrectly, to label him as lazy. He’s a clever player, but at times that languid style has had people wondering where his strengths lay. He’s missed a few chances recently but which striker doesn’t? Sure, we see names such as Walker and Doidge appear on the score sheet from time to time, but we don’t see their misses too, do we?

This weekend, we got another Akinde masterclass. I’m told by many it was his best performance in a Lincoln shirt, I personally think Exeter away might have edged it. All season we’ve seen a player on the cusp of a commanding display, always maybe one vital component away from showing his true class; a fellow striker.

I’ve heard people say we saw the striker we thought we signed in the summer, I don’t buy that. We’ve seen him every week, ploughing a lone furrow and doing the job he’s been given. This weekend we saw him in a two, like he sued to be at Barnet, and we got our just rewards.

I’m not doing this as another fawning article to heap praise on the player because he’s had a tough time from one or two, he probably doesn’t even know he has. I’m doing this article because there were two strikers widely considered to be the best in the division on display this weekend and I know exactly which one I’d rather have in my side on the evidence provided.

Take a bow Mr Akinde. As Danny says, we’re only a streak of John Akinde strikes away from League One football.


  1. Even Mark Cooper of FGR was full of praise and admiration for Big John in his post game comments.Cooper has been one of the staunchest Imps critics for years. He admitted that his defenders had trained all week to try and find ways to stop John, but he was just too good for them on the day. Deserving words from an adversary; how many doubters are still out there?

  2. A good blog. I was at FGR – Akinde was awesome, he scared the pants off the FRG back line. Had to substitute one of the centre-backs at half time! At the end of the game my wife asked if Doidge was playing – no comparison with Akinde. Rheady did was Rheady does (incredibly well) and the rest of the team bossed FGR and blew them away never letting them settle on the ball to play their tippy tippy football. A great performance

  3. Hi John Akinde fans.my point is,if he had played like he did on Saturday all this season we wouldnt be looking over our shoulder now !

  4. Glass half full, half empty Malcolm. Without his goals we would be scraping for the play offs now. Open your eyes!
    What most teams would give for 20 goal a season striker!

    • Johnny read the stats between the 21st August thru end of November he scored just 2 goals that was my point, if JA plays with the same pumped up energy for the rest of the season as he did on Saturday I might start to believe your comment.

      • As Johnny said, open your eyes man!

        During the period you refer to we went to and retained top position, goals from across the team. The Cowleys demand so much more from their strikers than just goals and Akinde contributed in full over that period and since, we wouldn’t be where we are without his contribution.

        Broken record indeed, check the bowls fixtures.

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