Stacey West Podcast Episode 30 Out Now

Episode 30 of the acclaimed Stacey West podcast is out now.

The acclaim comes mainly from my Dad who says he listens, which is praise in itself. If dad listens then it must be good because at one time he described it as ‘just two blokes going on’.

This week, two blokes go on about FGR, Yeovil and Oldham, as well as Danny Rowe and Paul Scholes.

We veer off topic a bit towards the end, or at least I do. Sorry Ben.

Get your ears ready, it’s coming….

(Not the first time I’ve said that this week)




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  1. Interesting to listen to the blog. I went to the game last night expecting a big home win. Clearly Danny has a range of playing strategies that he can adopt but it seems that the first 70 minutes was not quite suitable – it was 100% long ball; even throw-ins. Thankfully the introduction of Danny Rowe and the ‘pass the ball around on the ground strategy’ was quickly effective. Great result and as Tommo says, ‘That’s all that matters’

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