The Thank You Article: MK Dons

With a relatively new team such as MK Dons, the connections are likely to be tenuous at best. Very few players have moved between the two clubs, meaning I’m going to have to work hard on this one.

Or not.

Anyway, I could put ‘No Thanks for Izzy Mcleod almost punching Casey, but you wouldn’t know what that was about. If you do want to know, keep an eye out for my book available later this year…

There’s also the delicate matter of them thrashing us live on TV to bring to an end John Schofield’s tenure as manager. Is that something to thank them for? Schoey was taking us down, but he was also an excellent coach and a very good man to boot. His team played excellent football and perhaps, just perhaps he was let down by a lack of investment. I mean seriously, Steve Torpey? He was a veteran when I was at secondary school.

What you’re essentially going to get is some players who have played for both sides, BUT I will try to at least make it less obvious than just a ‘they played for both sides’ article. I’ll try.

Without further ado, get prepared to shudder, shake in fear and then ponder how the hell you forgot Luke Howell as we delve into reasons not to thank MK Dons and, maybe, if we’re lucky, a reason to thank them.