Cheltenham vlog – ‘Itzredimp’ joins up with the Stacey West

Vlogging. I can’t even say it. Is the V pronounced as a sound, or the letter? Baffles me.

I’ve done a couple of videos before, but my specialism has always been the written word. I leave the vlogging to those who have grown up with it and who undoubtedly make a better job.

However, it’s a vital part of any club content and that’s why we’ve now linked up with the FBA nominated ‘Itzredimp’ to promote his videos on the site.

We do the printed media, we do a podcast and we write a bit, but now we’re becoming a one-stop shop for Imps’ fans of all ages. Like a fanzine in your hand? Keep an eye out Monday. Want us in your ears? Thursday is the day. Fancy a read? Every day is a blog day.

Now, for the first time, you’ll be getting content you can watch to. We’ll be embedding the videos, so the views and praise goes where it should, young Max the creator. Make sure you give him a follow on YouTube if you have an account.

Without further ado, here’s the first in a long line of vlogs from another exciting up and coming young content creator, Itzredimp.




  1. I’m being picky but specialism is a crap American word, speciality fits the description better. Good vlog
    ?liked it

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