‘In the future, this will be known as a Lincoln City golden age’ – What the title means to our city’s young people

Winning the League Two title has been an incredible experience, not just for long-term fans but also those new and returning supporters as well.

Whilst there has been friction at times, few can truly resent the explosion of popularity we’ve had in our city. Little over three years ago, kids in schools would have turned their noses up at the thought of supporting their local club.

Now, across four academies in Lincoln, a large number of pupils have gone through a selection process just to get on a writing course based around Lincoln City. The Lincoln City Journalist Award is being conducted across the four academies falling under the Priory Trust, with a number of pupils writing about the club on a regular basis.

The sessions are held together by me, unusually in a teaching type role I’m hugely unfamiliar with. This isn’t a typical classroom though, these are pupils enthused by the thought of writing about football but who perhaps don’t connect with the typical syllabus. 

There’s some real talent out there and over the course of the next few weeks you can find their work, if you so desire, on this site. This will be the only post that goes on as a full blog entry, mainly because I worry News Now might not appreciate some of this writing. I do though, because in it I see two things.

Firstly, I see the green shoots of talent. I’ve always been a huge supporter of young people writing. The written word is dying out, video content dominated the recent FBA’s and that seems to be the easy way to instant success. The written word will last longer though, it’s stood the test of time and invoking strong feelings can only be done when you present the trail of breadcrumbs for someone’s imagination to fill in the gaps. Show someone a video and they’re given your view of events, not their interpretation of your view.

I’m also incredibly excited because these young people are the future of this club. They’re the ones who will have this period as their starting point, who in thirty years time will tell their kids about the legendary Matt Rhead, about bus rides through the city and about civic pride held together by a squad of players in red and white. 

I’ve taken a small section of this weeks work and sampled it below, because sometimes it pays to know what these young people are thinking and feeling about our club. Sometimes, it pays to understand how the next generation of football fans feel about these times, without the burden of our chequered past.

Please note; this is a selection of some excellent work and if I had the time this afternoon, I would have included all the pupils work. I don’t though, I’ve got a dog to get to the vet and some sun cream to apply; it’s gone above 10 degrees and as a ginge, that’s not a good sign.

“It is great to know that the city I live in are doing well for themselves and have won yet another title. In the future, this will be known as a Lincoln City golden age.”


“Last week the bus tour took place. The traffic was horrendous but the sight was something to behold. The coach parading through the town was incredible, the sight of so many fans in one place celebrating the same thing was truly amazing.”


“The crowd erupted into screams; Lincoln are champions! Players were jumping in excitement and the cup was held high in the sky for all to see. Anyone could see the excitement on their faces as champagne rained from the sky. Two promotions and a trophy in three seasons; this was definitely a successful club. This was Lincoln City.”

“Champions. What a word. Celebrations, pride; winners. This is a great time to be a Lincoln City fan, a champion. The weeks leading up to their victory flew with the hype train departing for League One. The celebrations will fill the streets long after their three excellent, successful seasons and more will follow in the coming years.”


“The image of the squad with the League Two trophy is inspiring for me, it shows that anything is possible. It makes me proud of where I live, because we were promoted from being a non-league club and conquered two leagues in three years. We have progressed so much under Danny Cowley, well done Lincoln City FC.”

“The Lincoln City bus tour was sensational; thousands of fans swarmed the High Street to watch the determined players journey around their proud city. This brings back memories from when they beat Oldham to put us through to the third round for the first time in years. We won the game and it was my first pitch invasion, it was a night to never forget.”


“As the Lincoln City bus made its way down the High Street, excitement rose through the air. As it approached you could see the big red flags, proudly swaying from a distance. The ecstatic fans marched behind the bus chanting, singing and screamed as Lincoln had made history. I couldn’t believe what was happening as Lincoln all came together to welcome the club to the next chapter of their story. Imps as one!”


“The final whistle blew, the crowd of around 9,000 were sent into rapture; Lincoln were promoted! Imps gaffer Danny Cowley sobbed tears of joy, his season-long hard work had paid off.”


“Proud. I’m sure that’s what we all felt. The red, orange and white bus was driving down Victory Lane. The laughs and happiness were infectious. The pride in supporting Lincoln City FC, pride at saying ‘I’m a Lincoln supporter.’

It will be remembered forever, digitally, virtually and in our hearts. It will always be a day to remember because we were champions, victorious. Years ago, the word seemed foreign but it’s not part of our daily language.

Lincoln City; even though you lost the last game, we know you’ve trained so hard, we know you’re (hopefully at least) tried your best. Balloons and wishes still fly in your name!”


“At the end of the game the player’s happiness was boosted because the season is over. Top of the league it is. We all know the final game was bad, 3-0 to Colchester, but who do they think we are? Grimsby? Pfft.”

“Last weekend we celebrated history, but the game was very disappointing. Who cares, we have won the league! What do you expect, we are the best team in England? Sometimes, I wish Manchester United could be like that and connect with their fans more often.”


“The image of the squad on the bus with the trophy is inspiring to see. Lincoln City have done it again and are rising to League One.”


“With a highly anticipated game for Lincoln, there was a certain buzz around the city. The boys trained hard ahead of the difficult last game. When it arrived, fans were left unhappy as Colchester put three goals past Josh Vickers after some disappointing defensive play.”

“Lincoln suffered a 3-0 defeat at Sincil Bank on Saturday, but that didn’t stop the celebrations flowing with the Imps becoming champions. With no pitch invasion this time, the boys headed inside before coming back out two at a time to a now-League One crowd and a third trophy in as many seasons.”


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  1. Good stuff. A mate of mine supports Crystal Palace. Their 5-3 win this week reminded me of a brilliant match that hooked me as an Imps fan. In April 1963 we beat Charlton Athletic 5-3 at Sincil Bank. It was the old 2nd division (Championship). I was 10!
    Fan for life. So good to see the future generations coming along.

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