Stacey West Quiz of the Season (#249) September

Courtesy Graham Burrell

There was a mixture of scores from the August section of the quiz; perhaps the sun and summer drowned your memory.

We’re moving into autumn now, although it was still a lovely warm day down on the south coast as we beat Exeter City.

Without any messing about we’re straight into it… unless you want to buy my book which you can do below. It’ll be released on June 7th you know…

Oh, did I already mention it? 

Sorry, chaps’ gotta make a living.

Anyway, want a quiz? Yeah, you do.

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You can now buy my book ‘Suited and Booted’ right here on the site.

It’s the story of my time as Poacher the Imp, the Lincoln mascot, and the struggles I faced with mental health during that period. 

It’s released on June 7th at an exclusive launch, details to follow, but anyone who buys between now and next Friday will go into a draw to be at the launch.

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