League One Round-up – Gillingham sign Man Utd winger, Bristol Rovers pick up 6ft 6in stopper

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Celtic launch Luca Connell bid

No, he wasn’t the singer of ‘Mmm Bop’. Interestingly, one of my mates fancied ‘the girl’ in Hanson. How gutted was he when we told him the truth three weeks after he’d told most of the school? 


Anyway, Luca Connell. Ten Championship appearances and he’s the talk of the town. He’s with Bolton at the moment, but they’re likely to be forced to sell him. They’re being taken over and the administrators are in charge. If there is a bid that’s suitable to his worth, he’ll be flogged.

Celtic have made the first move, but a host of other clubs are interested as well, including Leeds United.

I wonder what his initiation song will be?

Blackpool takeover complete

Okay, it is not transfer news, but this is huge.

The Seasiders might be our rivals, but what’s happened to their club in recent years has been a disgrace. Owen Oyston’s family has driven them into the ground. Fans boycotted matches and they struggled along under tyrannical and unpopular ownership.

That all came to a head earlier in the season when he was ousted and, after a complicated process, a new owner has finally been found.

Simon Sadler is a lifelong Blackpool fan and the current owner of Sir Stanley Matthews’ FA Cup Winner’s medal, which he loans to the National Football Museum. 

This is wonderful news for Tangerines’ supporters and hopefully a step away from their horrible recent history.

Jamal Lowe Latest

I’ve got a real interest in this one; I remember talking about Lowe when he played with Nicke Kabamba at Hemel Hempstead and back then I’d had him marked out as a star.

He’s been incredible for Portsmouth recently and he could well be moving on this summer. If he does, it’s likely they’ll come in for Andrade as a replacement, so it’s big news for Imps fans.

Neil Harris remained typically cryptic when asked about a move this week.

“We’ve been linked with players. Some are right and some come completely from nowhere, players from countries where we’ve never heard of the player. We have never recruited from abroad, so it’s not likely we will sign one from Outer Mongolia on a 12-year contract.

“Some will be true – that we have enquired about or made a bid for. Sometimes reports come out but we like to do our business in private and not alert other clubs to what we’re doing and what we’re spending. When it does come out it comes out from one place – and that’s an agent.”

So there you go; a non-story packaged and sold as a story.