Free Agents: There are still plenty left

Courtesy Graham Burrell

We’re into deepest, darkest June. Literally, given the thunderstorm that’s just passed over Stacey West HQ.

There is plenty of time left before pre-season is fully underway, lots of time remaining before friendlies commence and a good six or seven weeks before the league season starts. Summer is here, enjoy it…

Imps’ fans have been very patient this summer, perhaps there has been a lesson learned from the last three years. Basically, for three years, fans have panicked in June, freaked out in early July, seen late signings arrive before August and a trophy in May. If that happens this season, Danny Cowley will be given the freedom of my house, that’s for sure.

Transfer activity is happening every day and I’ve seen a host of players I’d love the Imps to sign go elsewhere. Graham Carey perhaps underlined how good he is by securing a switch to CSKA Sofia and a place in the Europa League. Tahvon Campbell, a youngster I rated from FGR last season, has gone to Cheltenham of all places. Ipswich allegedly paid a five-figure salary to James Norwood who some hoped we should sign, whilst another on our fan’s wishlist, Mo Eisa, commanded a seven-figure fee.

That doesn’t mean we’re getting the dregs; far from it. There are a lot of players out there yet to make a decision and plenty who could add value to our squad. Who, I hear you ask? Well, here’s a handful for you in the absence of any real news.

Bear in mind, aside from the first name, I’m steering clear of some I’ve spoken about in this type of article before; the likes of Mandron, Josh Parker and Mark Marshall. There is one or two I’ve spoken about before though.