‘Huge improvement’ – These Imps’ fan react as new kit is launched

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

The Imps have released the new kit for the 2019/20 season this evening, hoping to improve on last season’s controversial kit.

I like it. That’s the starting point for me. I like it because a: it’s nice and b: the supporters’ board were consulted. 

It’s red and white stripes, nothing fancy, a nice, basic red and white stripe. There is black on there too, something I think finishes a kit off nicely as well. Some of the feedback I’ve seen so far is critical of the sponsor, the one aspect we didn’t know about when we saw it.

However, I like the colours of the sponsor. What their business is, largely, is irrelevant and people complaining about that need to go and have a little lie down. I think a predominately blue sponsor works well anyway. I liked the TSM sponsored shirt, but not so much the Go Car. 

You’ll not please everyone all of the time, that much is certain. Last year the shirt polarised fans, a 50/50 split between love and hate. I think this year the club have got it more or less spot on. Not everyone will love it but few will think it’s abhorrent.

Once we see it up close I think it’ll win a few more fans as well – I’m led to believe the customised touches on the shirt are particularly nice and help make this one that I’ll happily buy fll price, rather than waiting for the sale at the end of the season.

It’s even got our old friend Martyn Green being positive, which is a big achievement!


  1. It’s not so much that I am bothered that much by the sponsor, their money is as good as anyone elses, but I am happy it is not a gambling company. But I can already see the jokes

      • For now. Look at the great sin FGR committed by being vegan. They are known as the veggies, hilarious posts go up talking about taking bacon to the game etc etc. I don’t think it will be long till we are called Lincoln Sewerage or something of that ilk.

  2. Let’s just hope we don’t spend too much time near the bottom! I like the new kit and fingers crossed for a great away shirt too. I hope that people will soon get over their initial reaction to the sponsor – and instead be happy that a local company wants to invest in our club. In today’s business environment there will be huge pressures on finances and advertising budgets are tight. Choosing to sponsor a team’s kit is certainly not the easiest way to spend that money and they should be applauded!
    As for the inevitable jokes – let’s embrace them! After all they are ‘the number one business for number two jobs!’

  3. The only time a sponsor ruins a kit is when it’s a giant rectangular vinyl sticker. The GK kit has the sponsor incorporated into the shirt the best way.

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