Could there be two teams we like less joining us in midfielder hunt?

It was reported the other day that we may be in the hunt for free agent Jack Payne, recently released by Huddersfield Town.

The reports suggested we’d be facing competition from Birmingham and Blackburn, as well as a host of other League One clubs. There wasn’t anyone on the list who wouldn’t cause us a problem, but similarly there wasn’t a team on the list who we would class as ‘hated’ or ‘rivals’.

This morning, two more names have been added to the list of potential suitors and if either won the race we’d be pig sick (assuming that we’re interested and it’s not just rubbish summer paper talk.)

It’s not even Grimsby or Mansfield, two sides we wouldn’t have liked to lose out to in the past. Think worse than that.

Nope, not Forest Green either.

Journalist Alan Nixon has suggested this morning that Gillingham and Salford are interested in signing Payne.

Firstly; Salford. Everyone knows why they’re disliked – they’re basically the new, improved version of the Forest Green fairytale aren’t they? The non-league minnows, backed by millionaires, who have captured the hearts of nobody other than their own supporters and the televison channels. Their big-spending approach isn’t endearing them to anyone and, if they signed Payne, we’d be spitting feathers. If we’re in for him.

As for Gillingham, I have one word to add which will help you understand why a move to them would be bad for everyone. Evans.

Of course, we may not be in for him and he may want to play as high as possible. If we were in the hunt and he went to the Championship, or somewhere like Oxford where he’s been before, we could shrug and say ‘oh well, we tried’.

If he went to Gillingham or Salford, we could write angry messages on Facebook about a lack of ambition, a love of money or Evans being a massive ****.