The Stacey West 2018/19 Season Review Launches

Courtesy Graham Burrell

I know, I know. It’s all bloody books, isn’t it?

I’ve been asked by five or six people about a third instalment of the Season Review, basically a ‘best of’ the blog from last season. Having started them in 2017, they seem to be popular in that more than 100 have sold of each copy, in the case of the first one quite a few more.

This year I’ve altered it a bit, making the book bigger but cutting down on pages so I can drop the price by a quid. Also, I’m not ordering any copies myself, so you’ll have to buy on Amazon if you want the book.

I’m not going to push it hard; it’s on here and if you want it, you’ll be able to buy it. It’ll be added to the widget on the sidebar too, so again it’s easy to find if you want it.

It’s what all the others have been; the best of the blogs from the summer to May. Simple, self-explanatory and nice for those with an inclination to keep Imps’ books.

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