Thanks, no thanks: Rotherham United

Credit Graham Burrell

You remember this right? It was a feature I ran last season. It lasted longer than the ‘seven questions’ feature and a lot longer than the 1990/91 season review I did which stopped at Part One….

When I get time this season I’ll be dropping back on this feature though, starting this week with reasons to thank Rotherham United. For those who missed it last year, I find a couple of reasons we should say thank you to Rotherham, as well as a couple not to.

I’m going to start with a massive reason not to thank them this morning. In fact, you might say six reasons.

No Thanks – 25th March 2011


Courtesy of Graham Burrell

There is a personal element to this as well as the obvious reason not to say thank you. This was the day that Rotherham came, saw and conquered.

It was first game back after some life-changing mental health issues. As I recount in my book, Suited and Booted, I hadn’t really been sure about going back at all, but I knew if I couldn’t let it beat me.

It was the dying embers of the 2010/11 season. relegation wasn’t a serious worry, a win against Southend in early March had just about secured our status. All Lincoln City needed was a single win to secure Football League status; one poxy win. To make matters worse, Rotherham were managerless having sacked Ronnie Moore after losing 5-0 themselves the week before.

Not long after half time, I left the ground in disgust as we trailed 4-0. Ian Thomas-Moore, son of Ronnie Moore, gave them a ninth-minute lead, Danny Harrison adding a second not long after. Less than ten minutes after the restart is was 4-0, Pan Kanyucka conceding a penalty on 62 minutes to earn a red card and gift them a fifth.

We lost 6-0, Jason Taylor bagging in the 87th minute past a beleaguered Elliot Parrish on his Football League debut.


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