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I checked back on my site feed last week and everything seemed to have the word ‘Rotherham’ in it. The ‘thanks, no thanks’ article was the most viewed piece I did last week too.

It was nice to see it appear on a Rotherham message board, along with comment such as ‘it’s nice to see a well-written article on the two clubs’. I must admit, it was nice to finally see a well-written piece on the website.

Without further ado, here are some things we can thank Southend for, as well as some things we most definitely cannot. I wonder who the first ‘no thanks’ might be….

Thanks – Theo Robinson

Courtesy Graham Burrell

At the time, losing ‘FA Cup Theo’ didn’t exactly seem like a good thing, but looking back it did have several positive aspects. First of all, despite being with us on a non-contract basis, the lateness of the Shrimpers approach meant we got a fee for him. That will have helped as we attracted loan players to the club in the weeks after. At the time, Dayle Southwell looked an exciting enough replacement.

The move wasn’t just about finances though, it showed us in a good light. Theo Robinson was too good for the National League and although he only scored once outside of the FA Cup, he added great value to our squad at a crucial time. He came in before the FA Cup run, before the crowds returned and things really kicked off.

He played his role too, bagging against Oldham on the night that changed everything and again on that wonderful trip to Ipswich. Losing him might be seen by many as a blow, but it proved we were a good place for a player to develop and that we wouldn’t (albeit we couldn’t) stand in the way if that player wanted to progress. It could be argued it’s helped with loans and the like since, even with the capture of Aaron Lewis.

Southend buying Theo Robinson underlined the culture at our club, one of development and progression. In my eyes, this was the first time a player placed trust in Danny and Nicky and was rewarded for it.


  1. Small criticism: I’m not sure that making jibes about well-written pieces and then proceeding to litter your own piece with spelling, grammatical and formatting errors is the wisest move…

    • I appreciate the feedback; the joke was actually at my own expense as I appreciate that I make the odd formatting & proofreading error.

      I’d argue the piece isn’t ‘littered’ with errors, but do accept my apologies for those that are there.

      I am a freelance writer who produces upwards of 15 / 20 articles per day for which I get paid. This is my ‘labour of love’ and often I’m squeezing content creation in late in the day. Sadly, as a consequence, I do make the odd error.

      I hope you still enjoy the site.

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