Duo head out on loan; time to prepare for new arrivals?

Courtesy Lincoln City FC

The Imps have allowed duo Alex Bradley and Jordan Adebayo-Smith to head out on loan but of course, you already know that.

It’s old news, to a degree. Both left the club before the weekend’s fixture with Doncaster Rovers and will gain vital experience playing regular football. Bradley has gone to Harrogate at the top end of the National League, whilst Adebayo-Smith has moved to Boston United.

I’m quite interested in Boston United, mainly because of Craig Elliott. He was previously manager at Shaw Lane and comes from a similar background to Danny and Nicky (teaching). I thought he was a natural successor for them in a few years time but last season was very hit and miss indeed. Still, if he gets Jordan playing regularly he’ll get goals, that’s for sure.

I think Alex Bradley will do well at Harrogate; it’s a good level of football as we know. When we played National League I naively believed our squad would have been able to hold it’s own in League One, but the difference is significant. Bradley, in my opinion, could easily have played at the top end of League Two and will be a massive player for Simon Weaver’s side.

What does this mean for our squad though? We’re already down to the bare bones so, as far as I’m concerned, it means to be prepared. Maybe even as early as tomorrow.

I have a couple of reasons to support my theory. Firstly, both players added depth to the squad form the bench and Danny won’t risk going into Fleetwood without a new face or two to replace those that have gone out. He clearly doesn’t want to blood these young players too early, but was happy to have them on the bench just in case.

Joe Morrell – one of two loan signings in the squad. Courtesy Graham Burrell

Secondly, he did say we were close to a loan signing last week, before Ben Coker arrived at the club. Surely, that’s still the case, especially as we only have two on loan, Walker and Morrell. Danny has never been reticent with the loan market and as the minutes tick away in the window, clubs might be willing to let players leave for bargain deals. As we know, the bargain bin is where Danny likes to shop; he’s found a few gems in there in the past.

The Ben Coker situation has also made me think we’re in for a busy week. Coker was revealed by Harry Anderson last week and the club put out a promo video suggesting they were due to announce him this week. Now, if the rumour is to be believed, Ben has been with us for much of the summer, even hinting himself at a deal with the Imps back in June. He had to be announced before the deadline, but if we were waiting there must have been a reason? I wonder if perhaps the club wanted to reveal two (or three) at the same time this week, one of which was Coker?

We know the club like a multiple reveal, especially ahead of a home fixture where tickets will be available on the day. What better way to hype a match and put bums on those few empty Stacey West seats than a frenzy of transfer activity, each announcement followed by a sneaky post telling you tickets are still available?

I certainly think we’ll be looking for cover in the middle of the defence, as well as a midfielder and a forward. I’m hearing a lot about a certain man from Peterborough which I might do an article on this evening, if I get a chance. However, I might be in a heap crying as I’m playing squash tonight; what a fine day to pick a return to sporting activities, my first since last year’s back op!

What I do expect is a move of some sort this week. I can see us landing one on deadline day, but I strongly suspect Danny has something planned for the coming days, something more than likely already tied up and just waiting for EFL approval. I might be wrong of course, but I can’t see why the two players would have been allowed out at the same time if I was.